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Sports Tak, as the name suggests, is all about sports. You can find all the latest sports news from around the world here. Not just that, we bring to you exclusive interviews, live chats with players – past and present – and also the top journalists from sports journalism. It is an exclusive platform for sports news updates for the fans, not just from the sub-continent but the world over


  1. रोहित को ना लेने😭😭 का नतीजा हम भुगत रहे है
    विराट ने टीम इंडया को आरसीबी बना दिया है😀😀 अभी भी समय है रोहित को ले लो नहीं तो ये बुरबक विराट नाक कटा के छोड़ेगा😡😡

  2. Indian batting itni achi nhi ho payee..jadeja aur Rahul hi kuch kr ske..bowling achi rahi jo jita gai.

  3. Who is that idiot who was saying why we need Jadeja as no.7? Without Jadeja in the 3rd ODI, India would have been 3-0.

  4. Australia versus India series dekhne ke liye mere channel per video dekhiae kaise dekhni hai

  5. Rohit k bina ek bhi match nhi jit skte kitna jor laga le ye. T20 me bhi Rahul ne bacha liya to thik nhi to wo bhi gaya. Aur test to bhul jao

  6. Without Dhoni kaise captaincy karega Virat… 1st time bina dhoni khel raha hai besara

  7. When we win we praise and when lost we dissect so much. Why do we not wait for 3 matches nd then snalyze

  8. Problem with team composition… Top 6 can't ball and bottom 4 can't bat…. PANDYA only genuine all rounder. INDIA missing one more genuine all rounder like IRFAN PHATAN at no. 8.

  9. 28:58 chutiya english accent me bolne ja rha tha. Ye vikrant ko cricket ka knowledge h par sala khud ko hi bhagwan samajata h dusre ki sahi baato ko bhi galat kehta h. ye ladaki h vo to bas dikhane ke liye rakhi h aur baki ke ye do h vo kuch bhi bolte rehte h aur jab sahi bolte h tab vikrant chup kar deta h unhe pura chutiyapa chal rha h

  10. Vikrant Gupta is one of best Anchor I can't explain. Don't drop Jadeja but drop M.Agharwal he is not trusted player like new commer. Subbam Gill is ready to play big game. why everywhere is politics please give him chance My advise to replace R Shashtri as a Coach He is old man through him out I thing He has very good hold with GOVT OF INDIA. Where we are stand. Every thing is not in your hand but we are facings bad far the last 6 years every where. Don't make us FOOLISH when Virat Kohli give us to cheer Vikrant gupta can reply to me. Similar situation in our politics. BJP govt is a govt lower level people fears that when police will do good .Aaj Tak Channel is totally under the control Govt of India . I Don't like At present my grading to Aaj takj is goon of the Govt of India . Wrong every where I Thing How many money is paid by BJP to you and your anchors. Do not
    make usFOOLISH the people of 136 crores you people are no where I hate Rohit Sardana Anjana omkashyap why they ask the question to others when India got rid of British Sarkar to get freedom where was Rohit Sardana and Anjanaomkashyap. Even Chitra tripathi is great agent of BJP. Why you people are totally called agent of BJP. These are views totally from my heart . How a No 1 channel is occupied by a ruling party. My grading to Aaj Tak is minus zero.

  11. 390 chase hote Rohit Sharma hota to is batting pitch ko dekh ker Rohit 150 to jarur banta aur India win hoti

  12. Apke bowler ne 374,389 diye.unke bowler ne bhi 308 and 338 diye.apki batting ne match jite nahi.

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