What other athletes never get injured?

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All professional athletes go out there in every practice and every game, knowing there’s a chance their body betrays them. They train extensively and take so many hits, that they know there’s a chance a bone breaks or a muscle tears. It’s just the nature of being an athlete.

But some pros have found a way to keep the doctor away. They’re always healthy and never have to worry about a trip to the hospital. I’m Justin Fraction, and today we dive into 10 athletes that never get injured.

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Host + Editor: Justin Fraction
Writer: Alex Hoegler


  1. John Stockton isn’t on this list? You need to clarify on your lists if this is just for active players or for all time.

  2. Top 10 Cinderella Story Championship Wins

    Like they weren’t expected to make it to the championship and then they win.

  3. Philip Rivers, the only time he was injured he played through it and you couldn’t even tell

  4. Damn you guys missed Bret Favre? For shame, doesn’t he hold the NFL start record by an ungodly margin or something? Not a baseball guy, but pretty sure there are a few super iron men starters… could probs do one in baseball alone xD

  5. Hey what about Tom Brady? He has only missed the 2008 season due to an injury and missed 4 games to an unjust suspension other than that he’s been extremely healthy and still the best player in the league

  6. top 10 reason why philip rivers isnt talked about when mentioning elite qb when he has 7 probowl 8 4000+ yards seasons 50 000+ total yards
    64% completion and more !!!

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