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These soccer tips won’t guarantee that you will become a professional footballer, but they will certainly help you get closer and closer if you apply them consistently!

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Simply Soccer is your one stop channel to improving your game and standing out on the pitch! Here, you’ll find great soccer tips, soccer drills for kids and others, soccer moves and more! My goal is to show you how to get better at soccer and start standing out in your matches!

About this video: In this video we go over so much about how to become a pro soccer player by giving you 10 ideas and tips that are going to help you achieve that!

Remember, these all need to be done consistently for you to see results. Less than 1% of all footballers go on to play professionally at any level so you need to stand out. These soccer tips will help you do that.

#1) Professional soccer players train consistently. There is no getting around it. You can’t train consistently one week and then fall off the next week and expect results.

The way to improve more and more as a football player is to work hard and smart. Consistent training is considered both of those. Also, realize that consistent football training is always better than intense training. You are playing the long game here.

If you consistently put in the work to become a pro, you’ll get results. It takes time, but trust the process.

#2) Every professional footballer has either mastered or is close to mastery when it comes to the fundamentals. You may think that doing the odd crazy trick in a match is what’s going to get you there, but it isn’t. You need to master the basics and fundamental soccer skills.

Now, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have things that help you stand out, but there are very few high level footballers that don’t have the fundamentals mastered. If you don’t, work heavily on them. How many pros do you know with a poor first touch?

#3) I am a professional footballer… you need to actually believe that. See yourself as a pro already and you’ll start acting like one. If you can’t see it, you usually can’t get to it.

You need to know what you’re aiming for and you need to start moving in that way asap.

I have a video linked up above that will help you with this. Click it, watch it, and apply what I go over in there!

#4) Pro soccer players take care of their body everyday! This was my huge mistake when I was a younger footballer. I didn’t develop the discipline to take care of my body as much as I should have.

You need to eat right, workout right, rest and recover right and so on. If you’re always injured because you don’t do this, you can’t get better and you can’t play!

#5) The easiest and quickest way to learn how to become a footballer or a high level player is to get yourself in a proven system. This will take the guess work out and will save you time and energy.

Or you could go to the field blindly and just try to figure it out… Don’t do that!

#6) Almost all pro soccer players have connections in the game. And many of them have used those connections to get on pro teams. You need to be developing these connections as well if you stand a chance of getting on a pro team.

#7) Stand out by strengthening your strengths. This is a huge one. Yes, being a well rounded player can be beneficial, but you should also have something that differentness you as a footballer. Can you score many goals, beat any man, put in a dangerous cross? What makes you different?

#8) Professional footballers learn from their mistakes quickly. They have to or else they won’t get game time! It’s okay to make mistakes in soccer, but learn from them asap! Don’t make the same mistakes over and over again.

#9) Keep challenging yourself. Pros constantly try to become better and this happens through challenge. Get into flow state and go!

#10) The secret to becoming a pro footballer (or to be successful in most things)? Persist! You failed? Keep going. No matter what, keep going. If you persist, learn, and try and get better, you’ll be successful!

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  1. Hey what’s some of the best ways to practice and get better at defending cause I’m a center back but I don’t really know how to practice and improve my defending on my own without a teammate?

  2. Here are 10 Soccer Tips That Will Help You Go Pro! Now of course doing these won’t guarantee anything, but if you do all of these consistently, you’ll definitely be moving in the right direction.

    Other How To Become A Professional Football Player Videos:

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    Check Out The Simply Soccer Academy:

  3. 1. Consistency
    2. Simplicity, fundamentals
    3. Believe that you are a pro
    4. Look after your body
    5. Have a plan, or buy a program
    6. Create connections with people
    7. Strengthen your strengths
    8. Learn quickly, from your mistakes
    9. Increase the challenge
    10. Persist, Keep going

    I would like to dedicate my success to this channel. It is because of this channel and; Progressive soccer, 7mlc, Train effective, Sheldon Tweedie, Clinton Bateman, Mum and Dad, Haters, Unisport, All attack, and the F2 freestylers. Thank you so much youtube and dave, for making me/ transforming me into the best player in my league, which is U15 National Youth League.

  4. Im a great player and i know it.
    Its just that when i have practice or scrimmages ,my teamates mostly play around too much and dont take it serious. I have fun but when they do that they mess up and dont even pass the ball to wide open players.When i do recieve the ball everyone just stands still and i only see 2 players running to recieve the ball and it makes me feel and think of if im bad at soccer or is just true.But when i play for a good team like i did in houston, they knew how to play and when i recieved the ball it felt like i knew what i was doing and play better than the others.

  5. im going pro this season i scored 35 goals i have great foot work but thank you i will follow these steps to make it

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