Highlights of the #12 Razorbacks thrilling, last second 64-63 victory over the Aggies in College Station. Arkansas would trail by 15 in the second half, but would rally in thanks to large part to Darrell Walker who would hit the game-winner with two seconds left.
Stats: http://www.hogstats.com/boxscore.php?date=1982-01-26


  1. Ok that’s a great play by Walker at the end. Somehow I don’t remember this game. But I have to note even as a Razorback fan that at 9:55 that’s just awful coaching by the Aggie head coach Shelby Metcalf. He had no one trying to slow the defense to slow down the razorbacks after the rebound. I don’t even know if I have ever seen that in major college basketball. I’m sure he was thinking “don’t foul” but duh that’s a given when you have a small lead in the last seconds. Also Metcalf was already at that point a veteran seasoned head coach, that’s really surprising to me.

  2. THX WAR!!! Remember this game well!!! First, listened to it on radio, then stayed up late to watch the tape delay!!!

  3. :19 the reason for the circle in the middle of the free throw line was to make it easier for officials to line up players for a jump ball. Of course, 1981-82 was the first year of the possession arrow, and A&M had not yet changed the court markings.

  4. Just saw this. Awesome shot by “THE” Mr. Walker. Awesome. Wish we could get some more guys like this today. Why sprint off the court?? That is “BIG JOE” in street clothes. WOW. Great video. GO HOG’S!!

  5. Where do you even get access to these man? You’re my favorite person on youtube. Keep these gems coming

  6. At 10:05 you can see Arkansas great Joe Kline in the white shirt jumping for joy. Sutton was getting his team off the court and Klein said he looked around and he was the only Hog still on the floor! Hahahaha!!

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