What are your favorite memories of these fallen sports stars?

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  1. Darrent Williams had unlimited potential, he could have changed thr whole dynamic of an already very strong Broncos team/ defense. Easily was a #1 caliber corner, with elite ball hawk/ return skills 💯🏈🙏💪😪 The trio of him, Champ Bailey, and John Lynch was already devestating, had he had more time, the sky literally was the limit :/ In his first 2 seasons as a CB snd return specialist, he already had like. 6 TDs and 10+ INT. I truly feel he was just getting started on what would have been a HOF gold jacket career. 💯 With Champ Bailey LITERALLY SHUTTING DOWN an entire half of the football field, QBs would have had no choice but target his side of the field or coverage against a team’s #2, his stats would have been ridiculous and honestly probably similar to Champs, only because QBs literslly wouldn’t even try throwing it to Champ Bailey’s side of thr field , Champ put up his HOF stats on very limited targets . Anyways, only God will know., and we appreciate the time He blessed us with Darrents dominance and entertainment on our D 💯🏈💪🙏 RIP D-Will! Although we got a lot of what ifs naturally and feel like we were all robbed, we still remember and apprecaite the time we did have 💯🏈💪✌🔥🙏

  2. Does premeditated murder not carry a LONGER sentence? Htf somebody get less time if it’s proved premeditated? Either that states laws are f’ed up or this guy dead ass wrong

  3. Why did Fred lanes wife kill him and why didn’t she get sentenced to life cus it said she was realeased in 2009

  4. Sean Taylor and Benji Wilson are definitely the most tragic of the bunch. Wilson’s is more of a gut punch because he was murdered over a simple misunderstanding and he had a kid on the way.

  5. my fav athlete that was Murdered: Deaundre Bradley – Shreveport Pilots semi pro football team – murdered in a shooting while breaking up a fight between his friend and another guy in Grambling, LA – I know you have never heard of him, but he was a good player and good guy

  6. Dave Schultz was another one- murdered by John Du Pont of the billionaire Du Pont family. He was an outstanding freestyle wrestler and loved by everyone- the movie “Foxcatcher” is about the whole real, somewhat bizarre story.
    Also, I do believe Arturo Gatti was actually murdered as well- it happened on the same day as Steve McNair. They ruled it a suicide, but suspicions are heavy that (like McNair) he was actually also murdered by his girlfriend/wife.

  7. Does Aaron Hernandez hanging himself count?… I guess murder only counts if it’s committed by someone else.

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