#FlashbackFridays! Barry Sanders, Running Back for the Detroit Lions is #17 on NFL’s 2010 list of the Top 100 greatest players of all time! Subscribe to NFL: http://j.mp/1L0bVBu

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  1. Barry is top 6 in my opinion!

    6) Barry
    5) Joe Montana
    4) Lawrence Taylor
    3) Tom Brady
    2) Jerry Rice
    1) Jim Brown

    In my opinion!

  2. Retired at 30, damn what a testament and indelible mark he left. I miss his running style. Barry should be #3 right below Jim Brown.

  3. Goodness me
    Watching Barry in slow motion doing the break in speed and acceleration is like watching the great ronaldinho doing his snakebites on tough defenders and defenses . Goodness his hips looked like they would rip off on the breaks and speeding on good God Almighty. Wasn’t a fan but Men, Barry is the real deal

  4. Great player. But if I had to choose, I would choose Emmitt. Sanders is the all-time leader in negative yardage plays.

  5. The only RB I’d say was better than Emmitt Smith. The way he played wasn’t always what was best for their offense because he was willing to lose yards on 3 straight plays trying to break one, but when he broke one I never heard anyone complain.

  6. The reason why Barry Sanders retirement from the Detroit Lions they have an offensive line that could block for him that’s why he tired based on true story

  7. 2:25 and look who he ran through! Lawrence Taylor? Who is rated in the top 10 on this list? Barry deserves a better spot!

  8. Funny to see some of the quarterbacks the Lions had. 2 or 3 times I was like, holy $hit, I remember that dude! i.e Scott Mitchel

  9. If Barry Sanders had played for the Dallas Cowboys, running behind that great offensive line, he would have likely rushed for 20K yards.

  10. Ya’ll have lost yall damn minds. Barry Sanders is the greatest football player of all time. let me say that again. OF ALL TIME.

  11. The thing about Barry that people forget, he was that good for a decade on a horrible team. Everybody knew Detroit was Barry Sanders and they were going to run it and there wasn’t a damn thing to stop him.

  12. How many people got hurt trying to hit Barry Sanders? Lol he should be higher especially because of how humble he was and the level of class he displayed.
    He had it all, the drive n work ethic etc but once he realised he is the best ever, retired early to spend more time with his family.

  13. So sad what the lions did to his career. Same thing happened to megatron. Throwing away greatness. Imagine what he couldve done if he had been on the 9ers with Joe and Jerry.

  14. Barry at #17?! Whoever made this list, is way too biased for this job. You should be flipping burgers, if you think he is outside of top 5.

  15. They aren’t rating him as the 17th best running back they rating him 17th out of the top 100 football players.

  16. Walter Payton and Barry Sanders in any order should be the Top 2 backs of All Time…. Jim Brown maybe 3rd.

  17. As someone who coached Sander’s did what he did on an offence that was a stage at best lousy blocking poor support!! And for ten years any other back and I keen any of them wouldn’t have lasted a season on that team! They would have demanded trades or plain quit!! He is to his position what rice is to his!! Period you have never seen better!!!!!

  18. Winton Marsalis proves that you can say a bunch of big, scientific sounding words, and literally say nothing but nonsense.
    Barry was great because he was fast, and could react and move quickly. A lot of what he could do was because Of the strength in his legs and how small he was.
    He’s the greatest or second greatest of all time in my book, but not because of any “metaphysical” nonsense.

  19. Every Thanksgiving the nation received a treat to go along with their turkey dinner. That treat was getting a chance to see Barry Sanders play.

  20. Barry freakin’ Sanders only at #17..?? Whoever compiled this list needs their head examined…and their eyes checked…SMH

  21. 17 ??? Anyone who has seen Barry play in person knows he’s the best RB of all-time and top 5 player of all-time.

  22. Great and just brilliant way to explain the unbelievable way that “Mr. Barry Sanders,” played the game of football, and I don’t think there will ever be another one guite like him.

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