Blues vs Leafs (Mar.12,1980)


  1. Everyone laughing, having a good time. Today their would be a mass "inquiry", and a tribunal about how offensive this all was. What a sucky baby culture we now have become.

  2. it was to protest the leafs free falling into oblivion at that time, especially after Ballard & Imlach traded away Lanny McDonald for two 3rd line players.

  3. I remember that game. He came out buck-naked with a sign that said '' Leafs No. 1'' . That made the outcome of the game secondary. FYI: We lost .

  4. Holy smokes, never thought I'd see or hear of this again. That's my buddy streakin' the Leaf game folks! Can't tell ya his name, but to anyone who might
    have suspicions his initials are GT. Way to go old buddy!

  5. Ballard must have loved this – anything for a show. Dick Beddoes used to dress like a carnival barker.

  6. I recognize Dave Hodge, and of course, the Red Baron, but who were the other two guys in the Overtime segment?

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