Arkansas and Mississippi State played the second game of their 3 game series in the 2021 College Baseball Season.

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  1. Don’t trip over being ranked #1 vs #2, #3 etc. We’re a nasty team, and we will 100% be in the postseason. Just need to stay healthy and get our starting rotation locked in on the mound. We got hella bats and our bullpen is insanely deep.

    Regardless of specific rankings, the CWS discussion starts with us and Vanderbilt. That’s exactly where we want to be

  2. Please include steals or passed-balls.) Thank you. Love these; particularly the three-game-loaded videos.


  4. Players are wearing guards everywhere. Its not like they are gonna fight in a coliseum like gladiators

  5. Im still trying to figure out why Vandy is number one. We’ve now beat 4 top 10 teams. Vandy hasn’t played a top 10 yet.

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