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This Strategy will make your game more powerful immediately! This is an introduction to this concept.

DVD that goes over this strategy and 25 others:
Elliott's Chess School #2 KNIGHT Level (on DVD)

When pieces are developed to control the center you can attack anywhere much faster.

If you follow this, you are well on your way to become a strong chess player!


  1. knight is my favourite piece in the chess!! i try to keep them and rather lose rook and bishop to take out opponents knight!! btwn yo gav the most best strategy in the chess!! thank yo!!

  2. This video was very helpful. Because of these tips, I was able to beat the computer at chess for the first time ever! 🙂

  3. do you guy know any other sites to play chess then gamezer?i was registered in gamezer but now they sont have free rooms so we can play as before .if you know please write me .

  4. it seems chess players are clever so you guys might want to have a go at a strategy browser game i just started, i don’t want to spam but if you click on my name i’ll put the site up on my feed

  5. With respect, your brother is not an advanced player. Again, with respect, but you are not either simply because your brothers strategy is a novices approach and even a mid range chess player will …”develope” his peices while defending this approach. Towards the mid game it will become more and more difficult for this type of offense. Against even a mid level player, this strategy has almost zero chance of winning or even making it close to even when approaching the endgame (if he makes it).

  6. True, a King placed in the center of the board can get to ANY square in 4 moves or less. However, a Knight placed in the center of the board can often do no better than the King, depending on the square. For instance, a King placed on e4 can get to c5 in only 2 moves whereas a Knight placed on e4 needs FOUR moves to occupy c5. So, centralization is important, but ACCESS to critical squares is also important. 

    The classic example of this is an endgame where you posses only one Bishop. Despite the Bishop’s incredible range, it is limited to only HALF the squares on the board. A white-squared bishop can never occupy a black square. These are important considerations. 

    A chess newbie is often puzzled by how many of their opponents fianchetto their Bishops in the opening. After learning about the importance of centralization, it appears to them that the moves that facilitate a fianchetto are not focused on centralization. There is OCCUPATION of the center and there is AIMING at the center. Both techniques are focusing on the center, but in a different strategic way.

  7. i have tried this strategy many times and still holding this but i don’t know how black queen or knight always find a way to make a check and then kill my castle,do you have any strategy that can go against the center strategy 

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