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Today Bill and the crew from CJ’s are going to let you listen to the killer sound clips of this Ford Performance By Borla Stainless Steel Sport 2-1/2″ Cat-Back Exhaust System with 4″ Chrome Exhaust Tips, fitting 2015-2017 GT Mustangs.

If your first priority of deciding what type of exhaust to put on your Mustang is how it sounds, then you will want to check out this video. We compare the sound of the stock 2015 GT sound with the Ford Racing by Borla Sport Cat-Back. Right away you will hear how much deeper and more aggressive Ford Racing’s exhaust is compared to the factory.

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  1. Does anyone know how to get this type of sound in a ’12 GT? This sounds perfect but they only made them for ’15+

  2. Does this fit the uk models? What is this European version i hear of? Does anyone know the difference

  3. this exhaust vs the borla s type cb, wich one is less loud and less rasp, wich one would you choose?

  4. Oooooo I think the Ford Racing has been the best sounding exhaust system I have heard so far

  5. I just added this to my gt and it does sound really really good. No drone at all and I had flowmaster 40’s on mine with mrt h pipe. I was worried about drone to but none at all.

  6. What’s the difference between this (ford) catback and the other made by Borla? You know… the s-type… atak?

  7. I’ve read that the Touring model has zero drone in the cabin and I realize this sport model is louder than the Touring exhaust but how does it compare with in cabin noise as far as drone is concerned? Especially at highway cruising speeds?

  8. Being that your heard both the borla s- type and the Ford racing sport, which would you say is louder?

  9. bill if you had to choose between this or the corsa extreme catback which would you choose?

  10. What is it like inside the car with this system. Is it too loud to talk and enjoy radio, does it drone?

  11. Bill in personal opinion, which one do you prefer? Ford Racing Sport or MagnaFlow Competition?

  12. This exhaust sounds great! Can’t decide if I like this or the magnaflow competition catback more…

  13. Watched a few vids for 2015 Mustangs w/performance exhausts. This exhausts sounds the nastiest imo.
    This and a good cold air intake would really be nice..  

  14. This sounds like it could get me in trouble with every other cop around where I live. But it does sound really good. Is it as loud as it comes across?

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