On March 9th 2019 the Edina Hornets and Eden Prairie Eagles played in the Minnesota State Championship Game.
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  1. As a goalie, I feel like nerves got to the goalie in overtime, mainly just how he held his rvh to long

  2. POV: Your in math class knowing that after class you have to play in the high school hockey championships lmao

  3. Crazy thing is that Edina and Eden Prairie are essentially neighbors. If Minnesota played in the AAA system these two teams would be combined + the other kids from twin cities area. Minnesota would have atleast 4-5 teams on the same level as belle tire and little caesars (those are the only two I know off the top of my head)

  4. Does anyone know if the best class AA varsity team in Minnesota could beat a AAA midget team from Michigan for example honeybaked

  5. I wonder if Mike Yanagita ever patched things up with Linda? It’s possible that one of their kids played in this game.

  6. Would love to see the medal presentation that happened after — every player shook hands and said “thank you” in a manner that was all class. Very proud to be a Hornet, Curt Giles has done a great job with the hockey program and it’s a great school, and great place to grow up. Hate us all you want. We can take it.

  7. Lived in Twin Cities for 3 years. Already a huge hockey fan. The HS tourney is beyond epic. Where else do 16-18 yr olds fill an NHL stadium to SRO for a game? Miss it.

  8. why are they celebrating so much after every single goal though like thats only the second goal of the game and their over here celebrating like its an OT game winner. 😂

  9. As a minnesota hockey player, the state tourney really speaks levels as to how important high school hockey is to the state

  10. My high school played on the back rink after the pee wee practice on Friday nights in front of an attendance of 15

  11. 22 is a dumbass . Literally had a perfect breakout pass striding right next to him . Instead throws a handcuff garbage pass into his defenders feet .

  12. I’m in mourning already for not being there this year. First tourney not attending in 20 years due to covid 💔😭

  13. Wow i had heard about it but i never really thought true high school hockey existed. I guess only around the midwest united states its part of the Culture there.

  14. Grew up playing hockey in Souther Cali. Still play, but man… wish I was able to play high school hockey in Minnesota.

  15. Minnesota HS hockey is something else. Wish we had that here in Michigan. Not even close to this level.

  16. I’ve never seen High School level hockey with a fan base like that in Canada. Wow.

    We have Junior Major Hockey that’s important but they don’t draw like this.

  17. Minnesota eh? Hey Toby!! I hear yer a real bruiser! Why dōncha come down to the pond after work and knock a few back and play some puck,eh?😂

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