2019 NBA Draft Lottery Presented by State Farm

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  1. I think they’re all fixed. I believe that no matter what numbers pop up, they’re instructed to say the team name that the league tells them to.

    But I’m not mad about this year because at least it was fixed for us. 😆 #GEAUXPELS #WONTBOWDOWN #LETSDANCE

  2. Amazing seeing that little dweeb on the cavs all butt hurt. Him and his dad are such bitches lmao

  3. They could simplify this by drawing ten balls numbered 0 to 9 three times but where order matters and you replace balls each time. This generates a 3 digit number 000 to 999. You then assign these 1000 possible 3-digit numbers to the teams same as now.

  4. This proves absolutely nothing. This is supposed to be proof the picks where not rigged? What’s even on the balls when he pulla them out? I cant see any NBA team logos

  5. Hahaha horseshit. If you think this shit is legitimate you need to reevaluate your deductive reasoning.

  6. Just because these teams are 123 and 4 in the draft lottery doesn’t mean that all of a sudden that their troubles are automatically over for these four teams.

  7. The Pelicans should trade Anthony Davis to the Suns for Booker, Ayton, Oubre, the #6 pick, and 3 future 1st round picks. This is a win win win for the Pelicans. They get a lot for Davis, Davis gets sent to a crappy team LOL, AND most importantly FUCK LOS ANGELES AND FUCK LEBRON JAMES!

  8. Pelicans always going to get the first pic because they have no owner lik other teams there ran by The NBA COMM.

  9. Why are so many people complaining about how boring this is ? Its a lottery so everything needs to be perfect and transparent. Finally we have a video online of this formal event to end those conspiracy theories!

  10. There’s a piece of dog crap that’s been in my neighbors a few days.. That is more entertaining than this. And why are they acting so official like slowly entering the balls or off a briefcase but we just have to take their word on what the combinations are?

  11. A total set up you need to be a mathematician to understand what Kiki is saying and then they don’t show you the numbers chart that goes with it.

  12. I don’t understand how this works. If each team has different chances of winning, right? But they put one ball in the machine representing each team, one ball one team. Wouldn’t that mean each team has equal chances of winning?

    I’m stupid btw.

  13. Poor Zion gonna be hidden in NO and poor Pelicans, they gonna draft another player who is gonna want to be traded

  14. Zion dosen’t belong in New Orleans! Wtf! This is like if Lebron got drafted by the Bobcats back in the day it just doesn’t make sense. Hopefully he’ll never wear a New Orleans uniform.

  15. There’s something embarrassing about grown men (fans) caring so much about where 18 year old kids are going to be making their millions

  16. The media does not understand math. The Knicks were the only team with the best lottery odds not to fall out of the top 4. They had a 60% chance of getting the 4 or 5 pick. The Knicks “expected value “ was 3.7, which means they did slightly better than expected. Not to mention they got a top 3 pick in a 3 player draft

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