Mt. Rainier has seen late season conditions come far earlier than normal during 2021. Now, in early September, it has become quite difficult for any climbers to ascend the Disappointment Cleaver due to unusually high levels of melting of snow and ice. At this time, current route conditions are not favorable for making a successful summit attempt. Despite IMG and other teams’ hard work exploring different options over the past couple of weeks, we have been unable to find a suitable route. As a result, we will not be running our remaining programs for the season.

DC team taken by guide Drew O’Brien

We know that you’ve been hard at work planning for your climb in 2021 and want to help facilitate our client’s success on Mt Rainier in the future and are offering affected climbers options to move forward to 2022!

Thank you to our clients for your understanding and continued excitement for alpine experiences, and thank you to our guide staff for their tireless efforts to share their passions with others. We look forward to climbing with you next year!

A team scales on the Fuhrer Finger by guide Justin Sackett

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