Small games are a great way to bring fun into your training but they can also help you a lot to improve your technique and tactics. In this video you will find 3 easy examples, for funny games, that will help you to improve in different areas.

Here a short overview about the different sections and topics in the video:
0:00 Introduction
0:22 Net Singles
1:33 Halfcourt Box
2:28 Chinese Singles

—Game 1: Net singles———————————————————————-

This game is suitable for every level of player! Beginners get a lot of contacts and they will get a better feeling for the grip and how to hit the shuttle at the net. Experienced players can improve their touch, for example when they spin or when the opponent plays a spin shot, or you can work on deceptions and cross shots when you play the full width of the court.

If you are curious about spinshots, and want to know, how you can make the shuttle tumble here you find a detailed tutorial for that:

—Game 2: Halbcourt Box———————————————————————-

A game you will find all over the place if you watch experienced players. The small court already gives you a lot of pressure for the service, as your opponent can wait much closer at the net and you will be forced into many flat and fast exchanges. So you will automaticalls cover two of the most important skills for doubles and mixeddoubles players.

For more technical details and exercises for racketspeed, here you can find further videos:
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Defense ind Doubles:

—Game 3: Chinese singles———————————————————————-

A game for more experienced players, and even if you are playing for a long time already, the narrow court will challenge your precision, especially when you want to lift, clear or smash.

In this video here you will find my best advice to improve your precision through to a better technique:

—More Videos and tutorials——————————————————————

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—Training at home———————————————————-
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—Footwork Tutorials——————————————————-
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—Shots and Tactics—————————————————————
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—Exercises and Games———————————————————–
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