NHL Network’s Mike Johnson and NHL.com senior writer Dan Rosen look at the biggest questions facing the Toronto Maple Leafs this season and make their highly anticipated playoff predictions

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  1. Dan Rosen repeats the sentiments of the media; Mike Johnson is more level-headed and sees what hockey people see.

  2. Sad commentary on the state of hockey in Canada when one of the two best Canadian teams can, at best, hope to win one round of hockey. Bettman accomplished all his aims and Canadians don't care. So sad.

  3. When you are going for a cup you need a top 2 pairing. We have Reilly, all we need is a better fit than Hainsey. Like it or not that Gardiner Zaitsev pair are a question mark.

  4. No way should they trade for a defenseman asking price will be too high and I think they should build their defense internally from the marlies. Just the way they have structured themselves as an offense first team.

  5. I just can't see this team passing Tampa for first. Tavares is great but that defense needs more. The division will be red hot but in the end it will be. Tampa, Toronto, Florida (close third), Boston, Buffalo, Detroit, Montreal, Ottawa.

  6. Finally someone thinks as I do , sure Jake had a game to forget but as a puck moving d-man he's very good he need ziatsiv to be better. I don't want them to give up William or Mitchell for a top ten d-man , have some faith in out squad and development of Timothy cause I really think this kid is our future top 10 d-man!!

  7. so i am a leafs fan and honestly all they need is a dman whos best part of their game is the actual d part. rielly, gardiner, dermott their assets are in offence you grab a guy who can sit on the second pairing with gardiner and the defence would get so much better. Not every team needs a #1 dman to win the cup you need a strong goalie which they have, strong centre depth which they have.

  8. the pain has come and it's going away if not this year i say 2020 the leafs win it all my only concern is the defense if it improves then maybe they have a 47% chance of winning it all in 2019. the organization has finally learn how to rebuild properly and work their way up they will be a dynasty for years to come like the blackhawks, penguins, lightning and the capitals for etc…

  9. I'm seeing friendly comments from other fanbases, I must have stumbled into another dimension…😂😂😂

  10. Justin Holl 6’3, 2 goals in 2 games….he’s making the roster unless Igor outplays him

  11. Rielly-zaitsev

    Solid d core imo looks better than Washington or Pittsburgs and can keep up with/is as good as teams like philly Columbus Colorado. The only teams I look at and truly believe they have a much better defense core than the leafs are Nashville Boston (until chara is gone) Tampa and Minnesota. I don’t think it’s as big of an issue as others. Every team other than maybe tampa has visable weaknesses.

  12. With Matthews-Tavares-Kadri centre depth, the team will be winning a lot of games. Just how it is when you can run that kind of depth down the middle, ask the Penguins.

  13. I think the only 2 teams that can beat them in 7 games in the east is pittsburgh and tampa. I think nashville is the only team in the west. So a top 4 team and that is exciting.

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