We all have times working with patients when we can feel a bit stuck. Chatting with fellow therapists they mentioned 4 great examples which we decided to cover in a new video series, imaginatively called, ‘Getting Unstuck’!

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In episode I we explore difficulties in recreating the patients symptoms and how to proceed when you’re not sure what’s wrong and what to do!…

Episode II is all about treating rare injuries we don’t often see. In this video I use distal hamstring tendinopathy as an example and discuss principles to apply when treating conditions you’re not familiar with.

Sometimes you can do everything right but a patient’s pain just won’t settle. In episode III I talk about how you can find solutions in these challenging cases, using a case study on patellar tendinopathy.

In our fourth and final episode we talk about changeable symptoms that move around. What can it mean? How do we address it and what do we need to consider?

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