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About this video: Here we are going over some soccer defending tips that will help you be more effective at the back.

So here are some tips for defenders that are going to help you do just that!

Don’t dive in

It’s one of the first things you learn about defending when you’re a kid, but so many players still make this mistake!

You want to stay on your feet for as long as you can! Don’t dive in or commit unless you have to or you’re sure you’ll get the ball.

Positional sense

Honestly, just getting a grasp of this will solve most of your defensive problems. Most defensive errors come from players being out of position.

If you have intelligent positional sense, you are usually a very effective defender. Think of Kompany, Ramos, and Hummels.

When in doubt, clear it out

Look, if you have any doubt in your mind, kick the ball away high and wide. Never play at the back if you can help it. I used Loveren as an example in this video, but this happens all the time.

You want to be composed, but there are some situations where you just need to clear your lines. Better out and away than resting in the back of your net.


You want to be a calm and composed presence at the back. If you are constantly losing your nerve and being fearful, you will make mistakes and lose the trust of your teammates.

Just relax! It will help you deal with the pressure more.


You need to keep your focus for the entire match so that you can anticipate what is going to happen. If you switch off, that surprise ball, bad bounce, or stroke of fortunate for the opposition will catch you by surprise.

Alright! So there are some tips on how to play defense in soccer.

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  1. We are going over 5 tips for defenders in soccer in this video! If you implement every single one of these, you will find yourself much more solid at the back along with being a more calm presence. Get my FREE Ebook “Game Changer” here:

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