The 2,083km-highway linking southwest China’s Sichuan and Tibet is considered the most dangerous and bumpy highway in China: it zigzags through various valleys, goes up and down the mountains, and gets more perilous with running rivers, not to mention that the whole range isn’t fully covered with proper roads to drive on. It takes approximately 44 hours to complete the entire journey. Usually only off-road vehicles will be seen on this highway, except for this time, 11 luxury sports car owners of Maserati and Ferrari tried to take the challenge. They started from Chengdu, city in southwest China’s Sichuan province, and attempted to end their journey in Lhasa, city in southwest China’s Tibet.

Yet six of them failed halfway.

The photos posted online by the car owners bragging their attempts sparked huge debate, especially after the owner eventually acknowledged that six out of the 11 vehicles got totaled halfway. The Ferrari even had one of its wheels fallen off. The photos posted by the car owners even show that the luxury sports cars were immersed in water when they tried to drive through a stream.


  1. What is the name of the guy who did all of this? May someone answer please i will do a challenge with hin

  2. simple non sense, spend money in that way mean they are no good business man, destroy just for destroy is mean

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