A case for Grace. Why McCallum makes sense


No one wanted Skinner on this team more than I did. I 100% agree with the world that she should be on the team. If they had picked Skinner, I would be arguing with the gymterhaters via this blog that she deserved the spot, hands down. (You know they would be out and about. Loud and proud-ly being asshats) but the one thing not being taken into consideration here is Jordan Chiles and her lack of experience competing internationally. She could be the next ( Can’t even think of a name) or she could be the next Courtney McCool. We just don’t know.

For those who don’t know Courtney McCool was a 2004 Olympian. She finished second at the Olympic Trials but she went to the Olympics and had issues in prelims. Rumor has it she was so upset by those issues she was having a meltdown in training and in the end, Marta didn’t use her on a single event in team finals. (She stayed back a year as a junior and became a senior in 2004 and just like Jordan had very little international experience to help her get through the pressure.) Jordan did great at Trials and there is no reason to believe she will turn into Courtney McCool but there was no reason to believe Courtney would become undone either and that is where Grace comes into play. She’s not particularly consistent but she is a member of the last 2 World Championship teams. She is known by the judges and Mykayla hasn’t been around much in the past 4 years. I love Skinner to death but the thought of putting up her bars and beam if Chiles somehow becomes unhinged is a scary thought especially with Simone’s recent break down on night 2 of trials.

Tom said he was going by best scoring team then backtracked on it. Once Riley fell he had no choice to leave his prized potential behind. Mykayla brings to this team the one thing they need and that is an extra vaulter.

There is no argument that if everything turns out as it should, with no one getting injured last minute or turning into a basket case, Mykayla Skinner was the gymnast that deserved the spot. Earned the spot by the numbers but with a 4 member team doing the right thing, the fair thing isn’t always the most logical.

The truth is this sucks. Skinner was the right choice but Grace actually makes sense too. Regardless, Grace isn’t to blame for what happened. She was the first one out there, hugging everyone even Mykayla after she had a rough floor. So much hate towards the nice ones. It’s like the gymternet doesn’t want to be happy