Floor Advice:

I can’t believe I am going to say this but to hell with form. Chucking those skills is the way to winning an Olympic medal Skinner. No matter what you do these judges are going to find 2 points in deductions on every routine you do. (except vault) So why not throw that triple on the floor because the only way you are making a floor final is to have jam packed routine like Jade. I know she didn’t make finals at the last Worlds but she stepped OOB and that is why she wasn’t ahead of clean Suni. (Who only had a 5.7 start value) The judging got even worse in team finals where they found more deductions for Suni and Jade all of a sudden (even with two more OOB steps) went up in score. You need a start value of 6.3 to compete with the judges because they are not going to care about form. Floor judges only care about tumbling. That being said your full-twisting double double layout might have issues being credited. Those bent knee’s are very noticable.

On every other event, I feel differently.


Open up that Cheng and go for that stuck landing. Your form is better than Jade’s on vault. I have been meaning to screencap it but someone else put it in slow motion so now I don’t have too. Look at this video. The only thing Jade has on you is height. Your distance is equal and your form is better. you both pike it so why not fix the pike? Your Amanar looks great to me

Uneven Bars:

Judges watch the training so when you are on podium training make sure you keep those legs together and stop separating those feet on so many skills. I made sure to pay close attention to your handstands and both nights you missed only one bad enough to be deducted (The second to last one before the dismount) The rest were very good. okay so the one after your Tkatchev on night one was also short but these are still huge improvements from the past and you should be very proud of that. [Night 1] [Night 2] and…

THROW THE FULL TWISTING PAK SALTO! Come on Mykayla, it’s the freaking Olympics. If you aren’t going to go all out your night is going to end after prelims and in no way should that happen.

Balance Beam:

Well Mykayla, Im afraid it doesn’t matter what you do. Beam judges are going to murder your score and unless you morph into Simone Biles it doesn’t really matter what you do. Your best bet is to make sure you hit your connections. Get that difficulty score credit and we will see what happens.

So to make this short my advice is to , go for broke especially on Floor. Cleaning up your routines is not a bad idea. In fact, it’s a great idea but on floor you need more difficulty.

Meet Grace.. P.S.- July 5th was the deadline for naming teams for the Olympics.

I NEED HELP MAKING THE POLLS. Who makes the Event finals at the Olympics?

Vault: Biles. Skinner/Carey. Olsen (Canada) Giulia Steingruber / Chusovtina / Alexa Moreno / Lilia Akhaimova / Melnikova /

Bars: Derwahl / Lee / Fan Yilin / Other Chinese gymnast? / Anastasiia Iliankova /

Beam : Biles / Lee / Liu Tingting / Flavia Saraiva / Guan Chenchen / Sanne Wevers / Elena Gerasimova /

Floor: Biles / Mai Murakami / Skinner / Carey / Suni / Chiles / McCallum / Melnikova / Flavia Saraiva / Vanessa Ferrari / Roxana Popa / Lilia Akhaimova / Listunova / Jessica and Jennifer Gadirova /

Where should I put Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos in these finals ? Which Chinese gymnast is the best bet for bars and beam? Zhang Jin, Ou Yushan, Tang Xijing, or Lu Yufei? I don’t even know what to do with team Russia. Should I just add all 4 Russians/Americans/Chinese to all EF? Did Seitz even make her Olympics team?

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