There are few players to ever play the game of hockey as electrifying as Sidney Crosby. Enjoy this montage of each and every Crosby goal from the 2019.20 regular season.

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  1. Can someone explain to me why in the playoffs Zucker-Crosby-Guentzel wasn’t the line!?! Who cares if they both shoot left

  2. 3 rings 4 finals youngest captain ever to hoist and plus the stats
    nobody even comes close to Crosby in achievements

  3. Cmon guys have more motivation and energy than you did in the qualifying playoff round. I know you guys have the team win another championship for the Burgh cmon guys I know you guys can win a chip! Let’s go Pens!!!

  4. Best player in the league. He may be older, but the things he does is still so unreal, he is the guy you want on your team. All around player. Penguin legend!

  5. Still the best player in the NHL. Mackinnon is closing fast tho. Mcdavid is far off from both of them

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