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  1. I do not see stupid, making him the largest part of this part from the other, and this is stupid, because the person does not see balance and the pregnancy becomes the shoulders.

  2. knowing that muscle was going to tear and hearing and seeing all that guys red flags beforehand was crazy lol

  3. No wonder he tore his pec he couldn’t even move the bar down to touch his chest on incline

  4. The sad thing about Ryan is that, the man is 23 pressing such loads while on gear, and he's a more bodybuilder-focused type of guy? (Moderate to higher reps, chances are)… It was only a matter of time for someone like him to got snapped up… He's what? 330lbs? Absolute beast, therefore his ego was sky-high…

  5. Y’all look 40 the steroids catching up can’t wait to see the downfall in the er bed

  6. His lack of mobility is probably part of the reason for that horrific pec injury. Hope he recovers fully and can get back to it asap

  7. It's called RISK,CONFIDENCE, THE UNKNOWN RISK TAKEN TO MAYBE GET STRONGER AND SUCCESSFUL AT THE ATTEMPT TO GO HEAVIER OR RISK POSSIBLY GETTING INJURED 😉. BOOM 💥. THE CHALLENGE TAKEN FOR ALL AMATEURS AND PROFESSIONAL BODYBUILDERS AND AVERAGE JOE BLOW WHO wants to improve there body or there strength or both . So consider the cost. Push at your own confidence and eagle and competitive spirit we all have. It's why most wise folks say .say NOPE. I know my limits and won't risk injuries!!!!!!!!. Very wise.

  8. How Devon Laratt used to say "Man you don't want to come to a fight with bad…" shoulder mobility

  9. You just uploaded the video on your channel anyways not giving a damn about the guy you ruined his carrer by pushing him too hard and heavy , this is so disrespectful

  10. I now know why he tore his pec because his range of motion is so high he never activated his tendons or ligaments so he was no where near warm bro work on ur range of motion Yhh ur big but ur stiff hence why ur prone to injury

    Get well soon

  11. SOOOO MANY INDICATORS ON WHY THE DUDE SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE 500 ON INCLINE. 2ND SET WITH 225 ALREADY TOUCHING HIS CHEST. I'm so sorry for the injury, but people need to be more conscious on the weight they lift, not everybody is Larry..actually, NOBODY IS LARRY. Stay safe, keep egolifting at home

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