Rock climbing with your awesome kids? Have you ever considering introducing your kids to rock climbing? Check out this video with my kids climbing with their friends in Ith in northern Germany.

You can listen to the kids being interviewed about why they think rock climbing is awesome and how good they think they are at climbing – this is really awesome, and you will adore the their cute answers! Remember to switch on captions as their answers is in Danish. And you can watch the kids climbing some pretty awesome routes as well.

Kids rock climbing is not an issue! It is a really great family activity. When I visited the town of Ith in Northern Germany in May 2018 with a group of friends to do some rock climbing with our kids I shot this cinematic rock climbing video with my Canon 70D, Canon G9X and DJI Spark drone.

The video is shot from two major rock climbing crags in Niedersachsen/Lower Saxony in northern Germany. The first is Lüerdisser near the town of Ith and the second is Zirkus near the town of Salzhemmendorf.

Kids are awesome rock climbing. They have not fear and just really want to go rock climbing. Watching that as a parent and a family is fantastic! The four kids in this rock climbing video are my own two girls and three kids of my friends. They are amazing rock climbers for such a small age, and it is very cute to hear how tell about how awesome they are at rock climbing. They also tell why rock climbing is fun. They talk about how rock climbing will give them new experiences and that you can play as part of rock climbing.

So, watch this video about kids rock climbing in Ith in northern Germany.

Music: Adventures by A Himitsu.

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