The Baldo Corsa Forged Iron Black Knight Type DC Iron!  Earlier this week we announced the Type-MC iron from the new 2021 Corsa lineup.  Today we highlight their more forgiving semi-players iron the Type DC.

The differences are simple,  the Type DC has a deeper center of gravity,  much stronger lofts vs the MC, and finally slightly larger and wider dimensions all around.

The Type DC is still a one-piece S20C forged iron with minimal offset which is the same DNA as the smaller MC (muscle cavity) version.  Like the MC the DC has a milled face, grooves, and laser grooves to improve performance in wet or damp conditions.  Both models offer a fixed position tungsten screw in the toe which Baldo uses to move the CG  the slightest bit closer to the center.

This is the black knight version thanks to its beautiful dark finish.  This finish will wear but if you dry after use and give it a quick spray of oil every so often it begins to look fantastic with play.  The impact areas turn to a dull metal gray while the majority of the head maintains its black look.

Both the MC and DC are fantastic performers for their intended player segment.  The DC is suitable for high to low handicaps while the MC should cater well to mid to low handicaps.  Yes, professional Baldo staffers on the Asia tours use both.

To give you an idea of how strong the lofts are the DC has a PW loft of 42* while the MC is 47*  This should be categories as a single piece forged “distance” iron.

The Baldo Corsa Forged Iron Black Knight Type DC is sold in a base set of 5-PW with an optional #G.  We offer heads only or shafted and can accommodate some pretty wild custom builds,  customizations,  upgrade finishes and paint fill, and more at


Material manufacturing method

Face: CNC MILLING + Laser milling
Body: S20C Soft iron forged
Weight: Tungsten screw (fixed)
Finish Tour Black Satin Finish
Count Loft angle Lie angle FP Weight
# 5 24 ° 60.5 ° 4.0mm 254g
# 6 27 ° 61.0 ° 4.0mm 261g
# 7 30 ° 61.5 ° 4.0mm 268g
# 8 34 ° 62.0 ° 4.0mm 275g
# 9 38 ° 62.5 ° 4.1mm 282g
PW 42 ° 63.0 ° 4.1mm 289g
#G 47 ° 63.5 ° 4.1mm 296g