This video is mostly funny moments from me and friends playing BO3. I use the HG-40 for most of the video but I also do some sniping with my Dark Matter SVG. At the start of the video I get killed by the MVP and it surprised me. Some other random funny things happen throughout the rest of the video video. Also, I realized today that I haven’t made a Road To Dark Matter in a very long time, and I am close to getting a lot of my supply drop weapons Dark Matter. So I will be making another Road To Dark Matter very soon. I hope that you guys enjoy the video!

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Video uploaded & owned by MatMicMar


  1. At 1:16 me:yay i have my purifier i will burn them😆😆

    Camper:No Your Not Haha😈😈


    Like If You Agree😇😇

  2. +Fritiof Samuelsson dont judge him its funny you provably still say poop and fart and booger head still

  3. I’ve been watching since 10k and i wanted to say keep up the hard work next thing u know your gonna have a million subs and don’t stop saying FRICK

  4. There was actually thunder close to my home, and it shook my house, it was scarry I’m not joking if u were at my house when it happened, omg u would think there’s a war going on out side.

  5. Hey MatMicMar i just discovered your channnel like 10 minutes ago and im already hooked but what was the outro song?

  6. At 4:41 in the kills it shows the name saggy fat face, that is Merkmusic’s brother I think

  7. Hey man we should play and me and my buddy can use the bowie. My buddy is the one your video is about haha

  8. Seriously mat,I haven’t been on YT for a couple weeks and I swear you just had 30k,wtf serious channel growth man,well deserved

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