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  1. Okay, I scrolled down and did not see it mentioned, so i will do so. That first goal was not only in the Olympics and in OT, as well as being against the USA, BUT the USA tied it up with something like 3 seconds left in the 3rd period, to force the OT. And this was also THE GOLD MEDAL GAME. That first goal was the GOLD MEDAL WINNING GOAL!!

  2. Sid is amazing. He’s been playing pro since he was 18. Unfortunately, he’s had health issues. Broken jaw, concussions and last year core surgery but he’s still amazing. Try watching his puck protection videos or art of the backhand. I’ve seen him practice and he stands in the corners and snaps pucks at the net. His passing is great. Great reaction. Sorry this is so late!

  3. 10:00 Who’s the fastest? Wayne Gretzky. If there is a NHL record for scoring, good chance it’s his…

  4. You gotta react to “Bruins vs Maple Leafs Game 7 2013 Highlights”. It’s one of the greatest comebacks in NHL history (and it was a game 7).

  5. Fastest 1000 point getter is Wayne Gretzky. 2nd fastest is ALSO GRETZKY with his 1001-2000th goals. Insane player no matter what era

  6. What I love about Crosby is that he’s good at everything , but what impresses me the most is his puck protection , it’s impossible for others to steal the puck from him and also he probably has the best backhand in the entire league it’s deadly

  7. Crosby and Ovechkin have been such a pleasure to watch the last 15 years. Some young superstars you should react to are Auston Matthews or David Pastrnak! Couple of of my favorite players.

  8. He’s the 12th fastest to reach 1000 points, but Hockey scoring has changed a lot more over time than most other leagues. When most of the all time points, goals and assist leaders (of all time) where playing in the 80s many more goals were scored per game (in the mid to late 90s point scoring dropped a lot, and is only now starting to really rise again), due to several factors such as Goal tender styles (goalies previously played only standing up), improvement in equipment (both skates and padding) and closer player parity (there used to be some great players playing against some pretty awful players, now the skill gap between even the best and worst players in the league is much smaller).

  9. in case you didnt know, a goal and an assist are equally worth 1 point.

    So if a player got a goal (1pt) and 2 assists (2pts) thats a 3 point night. 1000 points is usually gained by great players.

  10. Crosby has the most lethal backhand shot in the league. He uses a very straight curve on his blade, which makes backhand shots easier and most players use more of a curve, but he also just has tree trunks for forearms and is able to quickly release backhanders that are bullets. Nobody can do it like him, so off-putting for a goalie

  11. I’ve seen a lot of NHL reactions but I’ve never seen one on Mark Messier. He’s the 3rd all-time leading scorer and recently had a trophy named for him which is given to the league’s best Captain for leadership. The Moose was Captain of the Oilers, Rangers & Canucks and won 5 Stanley Cups.

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