Air Date: 9/22/92

Frog Baseball was one of two pilot episodes of Beavis and Butt-head (the other being Peace, Love and Understanding) which aired as segments on MTV’s Liquid Television program.

We get our first glimpse of our friends Beavis (Mike Judge) and Butt-head (also voiced by Judge) watching television. While flipping through channels, first what appears to be an attorney ad, then an ad for a show called “Cop Rock”, which airs at 9:00 pm, they start giggling at the “Thigh-Master” promo. After the titles, we find the duo’s favorite activity; blowing up locusts with a zippo and a firecracker. After doing some air-guitar, Beavis spots a frog. What happens next is unlucky indeed for said frog, since the two boys decide to play a rather twisted version of America’s favorite pastime of “frog baseball.” After many misses, and clubbing Beavis in the head, Butt-head demolishes the creature with the bat. But, after more air-guitar, Beavis spots Mrs. Higgins’ poodle…

⚪ “Frog Baseball” features lower-quality animation than later episodes.
⚪ Beavis and Butt-head’s voices sound notably different when compared to later episodes. Butt-head’s voice is a lot deeper, as is Beavis’. Their voices aren’t as distinctive and their laughs are somewhat different. The most glaring example of this is when Beavis talks during their baseball game and has a completely different voice compared to the rest of the episode.

⚫ In the original Liquid Television aired version, the end of the short’s credits, there it a still from the short showing Butt-head making impact with the bat on the back of Beavis’ head and over this image is text that reads “No animals were harmed in the making of this movie…except for Beavis.” This portion has been removed from The Mike Judge Collection DVD version.


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  2. I saw this in the 90s at Spike and Mike’s Festival of Animation tour in Santa Barbara, CA some theater off of Victoria Ave.. crazy.

  3. Damn brother… I suppose they got you on copyright. That sucks, I was downloading every time you uploaded within 2 hours. You should start another account and do the same thing, keep this if you want as your main Channel if you don’t want to lose the 800 subs or whatever. Just an idea, thanks again for uploading even if it ends here.

  4. Me and my friend watched this together, I dont think I’ve watched b&b before seeing this. But boy let me tEll ya wHat, this was the funniest shit I’ve seen.

  5. Frog-Baseball couldn’t exist today! We’re too sensitive now, but these two guys were great! 🤘😎❤

  6. This video by Mike Judge belongs in the Smithsonian. It created a new genre in TV. Today Beavis and Butthead wouldn’t see the light of day. There will never be an intact Beavis and Butthead collection. I purchased all the episodes that were taken off TV from an auction site. I can’t watch them today unless I use an old PC. Some of them were in different in video formats and included with the collection was software to play some of the videos. Several of them were recorded in Europe as they were banned after one showing on MTV. Many artists complained so their music couldn’t be included in official Beavis and Butthead DVD’s. Also Viacom didn’t wanted to pay the artists. Youtube at one time had almost every episode available but most of them were pulled due to copyrights and intellectual property.

  7. You know some dumbass kids saw this back in the day and started torturing animals. So I think the criticism was warranted for this one. But otherwise I do love some B&B and watched all the time as a kid.

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