I couldn’t find Brian ScalaGOAT’s full court 720° between the legs fadeaway behind the back windmill dunk. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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  1. Before you comment, read this:

    1. Look at the top of the screen during the 1st dunk if you’re complaining about the fact that there’s an Olympic dunk.

    2. Yes, I know I missed a lot of dunks (especially from Vince). I’ve addressed this multiple times- I had all his dunks in my folder and forgot to put them in. I apologize, and put all the dunks in part 2 which is in the description/the end of the video.

    Anyways, thanks for watching!

  2. Some of these dunks were good, but Kemp…. absolute savage. Too bad he only got one out in here. That dude was an animal.

  3. I m the only Indian who is watching this video…..kobe Bryant is the reason 😁😁

  4. Only one Kemp slam…he did three a night for four years in his prime..Payton to Kemp alleyoops..The Rain Man was not given his due!

  5. Kobe’s dunk on gerald Wallace and Khris Humphries is the most underrated dunk of all time

  6. The Gerald Green Lob is the most impressive dunk I’ve ever seen. I don’t care that Vince jumped over someone.

  7. Haven’t seen Part 2 yet but no Grant Hill on Alonzo? That one had a play before that led up to Grant disrespecting Alonzo.


  9. Woke ball is just boring 💤 the 90’s was last real players. Now they are all corporate woke sjws… RIP bball

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  11. lol Lebron dunking on two bit guards and everyone goes crazy. Such a prime example of LeHype.

  12. Looking at the dunks the 90s ones aren’t as impressive but I admire them more cos you just know when dunking in the 90s there was a high chance you would get nailed as soon as you went into the paint

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