The best smartphone accessories for live streaming! Microphones, tripods & other gear for the BEST Live Streaming Setup for Smartphones (iPhone & Android)

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► Arkon Tripod + Phone Mount + Adapter: (Amazon)
► Takama Flip-Zip Tripod: (Amazon)
► Hot Shoe Extension Bar: (Amazon)

► SHOTGUN – RODE VideoMicro: (Amazon)
► LAVALIER – BOYA BY-M1: (Amazon)
► WIRELESS – Rode Filmmaker Kit: (Amazon)

► Aputure AL-M9: (Amazon)
► Litra Torch: (Amazon)

*Extra Stuff
► DJI Osmo Mobile 2: (Amazon)
► TECHO Wide Lens: (Amazon)

► Oratory App – ANDROID:

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— Best Live Streaming Setup for Smartphones (iPhone & Android!) —

Whether you’re using YouTube Live, Facebook Live or live streaming from another platform – your iPhone or Android smartphone can be one of the best tools for the job.

With just some simple, cheap smartphone accessories, you can quickly level up the quality of your live stream with no extra work.

Whether you’re looking for the best live streaming setup for Android, the best live streaming setup for iPhone, or just some all-round awesome smartphone video gear – this video has got you covered with our recommendations for the best smartphone video accessories available right now.

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  1. Great info, I will use my Smartphone for my next live stream along with my Saramonic Blink 500 Radio Mics.

  2. Thank you so much ! The church i attend to we have been doing live’s services because of the pandemic. I use my galaxy s10 plus but I feel like I need better sound quality and this video helped a lot. Thank you again ! God bless.

  3. Hey Justin. This is a old video I see. Do you have an updated video and/or suggestions somewhere for live streaming from Android? I’m sure there are new software and hardware developments in 2 1/2 years and this setup may not be the ‘best’ any longer. Thanks

  4. if I use audio splitter on my phone and I use 2 earphones, the other one is for internal audio and the other one is for my voice. do you think it will work? while im livestreaming

  5. Id only like to know how to keep my android samsung recording for more than 30mins(can i over’ride the setting

  6. what can I do if i want to stream two video sources at once—like two different angles of the same scene?

  7. Justin love your videos . I am trying to figure out how to do my lives along with having teleprompter on my phone screen. is it possible? Do we have any app for that?

  8. A friend bought me a microphone, microphone stand, disco ball light and I already had a tripod.

  9. Can you get a triple hot shoe extension bar? Otherwise how would you set up the tripod with phonemount, shotgun mic and aputure light?

  10. Major sales man ….. darn it was looking for ” How to use Android Phone as a webcam streaming on facebook” and got that crazy sale man !

  11. I have samsung A7 and can’t flip video when I try do do life. What can I do? Is there any app I can use? There’s no gear icon and no flip button on it 🙁

  12. Hi I’ll be new to the stream just want to know the best way to stream for my phone to the game

  13. Big question. Using the Roland Go:Livecast with an iPhone 7, it allows for a 2nd camera to be Bluetoothed to the system. Can I use another iphone 7 just as a camera, in other words not connected to a service?

  14. I do not mean to sound bad but I am interested in professional live streaming. Ex. A dslr with external Mics running into a laptop or desktop. I have a plethora of audio equipment and want something that’s better than phone camera but also does seamless live streaming

  15. Thank you for your effective description.
    I have a question. Is it possible to use my Bluetooth earphone for Facebook live so that my audience can hear me clearly and I need not speak so loudly?

  16. What would you say is the best mic to recorded and stream and outdoor worship services with my iPhone 11?

  17. I have a Galaxy Note 10 and the quality of the video is really poor. It looks like a mosaic filter is applied to my stream. Any ideas how to fix that? I have a reliable internet connection.

  18. When I attempt to use an external mic with my iPhone on Facebook live, there is no audio. How do I make Facebook live accept my external mic and provide audio? Thanks

  19. Hi, I was wondering if you know how to get prism live without password, because I don’t remember what my password is, thanks

  20. I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+ and I also already have audio equipment since I record mix and master. Is it possible to use my Presonus Studio 24c interface to connect to my phone via the USB-C cable and live stream?

  21. For people who want to live stream while playing an instrument (I play saxophone) would you make any changes to the mic line up? Standing to close to a mic while playing can really overpower the mic and can cause distortion. Also standing further away (so you aren’t over crowding both the camera and mic) could make you sound weak. If you have any input I would greatly appreciate it!

  22. Wow! You have so much great information! I purchased the viewow wide-angle lens (saw that on another one of your videos) and I love it! The problem I am having is I can’t use it with my DJI Osmo mobile 2. DO you have a solution for that?

  23. Justin!! Thank you for this video! What would you recommend for Bluetooth mic/headphones for live-streaming to FB and YT on iOS?

  24. I recently started my Youtube channel to record and live stream my music. Just me and a guitar. What’s a good mic I could use to record my acoustic guitar and my voice? Any ideas? My channel has cover songs and originals, creating to inspire hope, and I want to get better audio than my IPhone s7 can give me. Any thoughts???

  25. I think you’re wasting people’s time. You’re advertising peoples equipment – not showing me trick on the proper streaming with an iphone. #timethief

  26. Thank you again Justin for such a great video. I have an android phone and recently bought a Canon SX740 HS to also record with as a starter vlogging camera. Now my question is which teleprompter app, do you suggest is best when considering Nano Teleprompter vs. Oratory of which you talk about here in this video? I have still been using Nano Teleprompter since I watched you video on it. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

  27. Hi Justin thanks I am singer song write acoustic guitarist I want to capture the live sound when i am playing for live stream and at gigs for the video can you tell me the best Android Phones for recording live music
    Thanks Robbie Dunn Brisbane

  28. I hate that advert for that website. and all that crap this guy wants you to buy!

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