Best of Ja Morant | Part 1 | 2019-20 NBA Season

Take a look back at the best plays from Grizzlies rookie Ja Morant so far this season!

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  1. Ja is still young. If his body turned into a buffed one throughout the seasons, he is a good match for Lebron James. Keep up the good work👍

  2. Job Morant rookie of the year or Zion because I personally think genre is going to shred the competition become MVP win rookie of the year and be a Hall of Famer

  3. 1:05 The nets would have a chance to win if Kyrie passed the ball to Harris. SMH. I’m not a hater of Kyrie.

  4. One of the most explosive rookie point guards! I love this guy! I really hope that he doesn’t end up like Rose with a torn ACL

  5. the young rookies like luka, trae, zion, ja, they r all gonna be all stars and some are but i feel like ja might be a super star

  6. This kid has a hella bright future, I think one day he’ll be the best player in the league

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