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Houston Heat handed San Diego Dynasty their only loss in the prelims of the 2015 NXL World Cup, but each team won out and would face each other again in the finals on Sunday afternoon to see who would emerge the winner. This one game would decide the professional paintball World Cup title.

Dynasty has been one of the best teams in the world for 15 years but have historically not done well at World Cup since the team joined the NXL professional division. The team has not won a professional World Cup since a controversial 10-man final all the way back in 2001. Oliver Lang would rejoin Dynasty to play with the team for the first time all year, but would his presence on and off the field be the difference the team needed to win their event of the year?

Conversely, the Russian players on Houston Heat are World Cup finals veterans with Konstantin Fedorov having played in an astounding 10 World Cup finals. They looked nearly unbeatable in their first match against Dynasty and have shown an astounding ability to play slow and fast layouts all year long.

Over the course of the weekend, this layout had been playing slower and slower due to a strong pocket, 7 back line bunkers and vicious bounce shots. This final game could have been some of the slowest and most cautious paintball of the year. However, the finals would instead produce some of the most amazing paintball ever with an unlikely hero emerging from one of the most exciting points ever played.

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Brett Casadonte – Producer / Technical Director
Robert Stubbs – Director
Lucas Noah – Audio Engineer
Geoff Tirrell – Camera Operator
Jeff Cooley – Camera Operator
Dell Miller – Camera Operator
Garrett Kushner – Crane Operator
Nick Beall – Graphics Operator
Tavo Oropeza – Replay Operator
Sina Azmoudeh – Executive Producer


  1. Once Lang ran up the mid on the 5th point, Dynasty was back in the game. Watch how the team came together after that move.

  2. This looks terrible. We play near a forest at an area with old abandoned buildings, piles of tires and trenches everywhere.

  3. Nerds
    Lol really though. Sport where you flop on the ground a little. Hardly move and move ur finger.

  4. most of the time they sit behind the obstacles and shoot thousands of balls…not so exciting to watch. In old-school woodsball that i played for 10 years on much bigger fields it was much more exciting, more movements, flanking etc…speedball was never my thing

  5. I am honestly in shock at how small of an audience this event has. wtf man I would have thought there would ha e been wayyyyy more people at an event of this caliber. damn man mybe paintball will never reach the potential it has as a mainstream sport

  6. Soo…I’ve been out of paintball for years, but when did it become so fucking boring? Sit in the first row of bunkers until 2 or more are shot out and then try for a run through. Rinse and repeat. Boring AF to watch.

  7. I like how the two commentators just keep runnin their mouths off about their opinions and that third guy Nick talked like once then just shuts up.

  8. Dang, Dynasty just got shredded those first couple rounds, then the just went nuts, what a game.

  9. no matter how may times I watch this video I still am shocked because how did spicka not get shot when he fell back and those two guys ran at him then shot the guy right before he hit the buzzer

  10. 37:02 Awesome finish by Kyle Spicka. All 4 players out and last one was seconds before the buzzer wow

  11. Those judges or whatever are the lazyest people iv’e ever seen. It’s like they are burning their every drop of energy away when wiping those poles free from paint. Are these the guys who invented slow motion?

  12. professional finger tapping. Seems like anyone can be a “PRO” nowadays with these easy to use markers. No skill involved!

  13. I honestly think the commentators talk FAR too much. I’d love to hear more of the action and more of the teams calling out positions and shit. You need to have the commentators but just take it back a notch for the love of God and stop cramming the entirety of Moby Dick into one minute of space.

  14. i used to follow paintball then i stopped but now I’m going to follow it and hopefully play in college

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