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  1. I’ve pulled 103 and 102 lmao and 101 Hugh grant I have a 102 overall team and a 104 Russell westbroook 104 Larry bird

  2. I pulled a 104 overall in 100 1004 if you want to see just write Ashwin Derry and then canyon put on your channel

  3. I pulled a Oladipo and Oden in a row , and then I spent 200NBA cash not long after it update and pulled a 84 Ariza with 5% I pulled the 100 Ben Simmons in high flyers

  4. The thing is all these events so much love for pg sf c of bruh I’m struggling finding a good shooting guard….

  5. No way no way no way no way
    He talks to her mom

    Mom: how are you

    He:no way no way no way

    Mom:do you want ps4 and xbox

    He:no way no way no way omygosh wait what ps4 xbox

    Mom:okay u dont want

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