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This is my streaming app review for 2016

Website Candi Inc. is run by Daniel Portis, providing FREE Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Dreamweaver video tutorials to the graphic design and photographer community here in Youtube. As an Adobe Community Professional, Daniel’s Photoshop tutorials have been recognized by schools around the country, design blogs, and by Adobe.

No matter what you’re looking to learn in Photoshop, you’re bound to find it in our library of over 300 tutorials. Topics include: Text Effects in Photoshop, Photo Composition, Photo Retouching, The Basics of Photoshop, Designing in Photoshop, Special Effects, and more! While new videos will be taught using the latest version of Photoshop, you’ll find videos covering Photoshop CC, Photoshop CS6 & CS5.

We are all over apple and we will help you understand how to use your iPhone, Apple Computer and so many other apple related things. Thanks for watching and be sure to Subscribe to stay up to date and like all of our videos 😀

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