These are my top 10 surf fishing tips that WILL help you catch more fish while at the beach, guaranteed or your time back. I assembled this list because there isnt a top 10 surf fishing, mainly bass fishing, and freshwater fishing. The only saltwater fishing lists are to videos, ect. So here i summarized some of the most important tips that you should know to be more successful surf fishing! surffishing

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  1. I get so frustrated when videos say,
    “Best way to surf fish”
    “Top 10 surf fishing tips”

    When every state has completely different kinds of surf fishing, weather, fishes, etc
    If these rules where applied let’s say Cali, it would be pointless
    Or Oregon, or Texas or anywhere else that’s not this guys area.

  2. Do you ever fish Matagorda? I live in Rosenberg so its closer for me. Just getting into surf and jetty fishing this year. Curious if you had any tips for fishing down there?

  3. things you missed:-
    (i) Elasticated bait cotton to secure baits to the hook. Using this allows any bait to be used even if its soft like shell fish and be able to cast it without it falling off. It also means you can start making bait cocktails where you can mix any selection of fish, squid, worm and shell fiah baits
    (ii) Instead of those tubes, you can use tripods or sand spikes. Sand spikes are like thoses tubes, but they have a pointed end so you can really get them into the ground easily
    (iii) Use rigs where the baited hook clips to the rig before the cast and releases when it hits the water. The most basic one is known as a pulley rig and plenty of videos about it.
    (iv) For beach fishing use a 12ft plus rod capable of casting upto 6oz. This means that if you need extra distance because that gulley is further out, its far easier to get distance on a longer more powerfull rod. But you must be able to bend the rod in the cast so find one that is powerfull, but still forgiving enough so it bends when your casting

  4. thank for the vid. about point no 1. what do you think about big surf wave? here in norcal waves are big for surfers to enjoy but they break so deep in ocean. people still catches fish but I don’t see much trough near the beach within casting distance, i see holes only when during low tides. ps – new to surf fishing

  5. Dude, I get it about using google maps but those pictures are like 2-3 years old. Here at the outer banks, it is better to hook up with someone who flies a drone up and down the beach or log on to live pier cams. They usually have shots of both sides up and down the beach.

  6. Hey man,

    I’m looking for a good set up for travelling and fishing from shore, I’m a fairly experienced fisherman with a small amount of time fishing from shore.
    My biggest problem is getting the lure/bait out far enough.
    Id also like my rod to be travel friendly for planes and stuff.



  7. While I’m not fishing, I keep my drag star loose, keeping my grag washer free, no pressure jus waiting to fish, jus my 2 cents.

  8. Nice good looking fishing rod .>>> Packaging was my concern for this as I looked over the box and seen that it had been possibly lightly folded but seen no damages. I bought a Docooler® Full Metal 9+1BB Ball Bearings Right Hand Drum Wheel Boat Sea Fishing Reel Horizontal XW-40 and the colors match perfectly. I may even order a heavy rod in the near future. The price is pretty good but I will put to the test here soon to measure how it stands against the fishing game. I average out 14 to 25 pounders on the river so I definitely update of any cons.

  9. Your tips make a great deal of sense. Especially the steel rod holders. I have been fishing on the surf once a week, and I am on my 6th week. I use sand fleas, live and dead shrimp. fish bites and cut mullet. In 6 weeks I have not even caught so much as a whiting. I have been fishing for 60 years. WTF with surf fishing?

  10. New to the surf fish’en scene (off the Jax to St. Augustine area) trying to gather as much info as I can, the apps where a good tip, along with the others. Thanks, I’ll check out some more of your vids

  11. Hi Mr. bomber can you give some tips on how to surf fishing at high elevated areas. In a coal jetty or any manmade structures about 5 meters high above the sea level. Thank you mr.bomber

  12. Dude! I fish Galveston and surrounding areas too. Very cool to see your video and I just downloaded the apps and subbed your channel. Cheers – Luther

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