Marcin Kantor is back again this week with an entertaining video from back in December between the lockdowns where he targets pike on fly and lure…

Marcin’s notes: Another awesome day fly fishing for pike. How often do we face a ‘jacks only day’? I believe that when the biggest pike are on the feed, jacks are hiding away and sitting quietly. However, jacks being very active can ‘wake up’ the big pike and trigger them to start feeding. When small pike are our only reward, remember about it and try to find some of the large pike.

A change of tactics from flies to big lures, change of depth and feature can get you the big fish you’re after. Plenty of tips and information in this fly and lure fishing for pike video.

Another session on the Savage Gear High Rider 170 Float Tube, using pike fishing flies and large lures, mainly the awesome Miuras Mouse lure, this time in the White Christmas colour.

To find out more about Marcin’s set up and the gear used visit: Do Jacks trigger BIG PIKE TO FEED? Fly & Lure Pike Fishing Ireland – YouTube and when you’re there don’t forget to Like and Subscribe.

Youtube Channel: Marcin Kantor