Bigg Snoop Dogg meets #87 Sidney Crosby of tha Pittsburgh Penguins @ the NHL Awards in Las Vegas


  1. Sid is the ONLY teenager to win a scoring title in any north american pro sport….ever….he was second only to the legendary Georges St Pierre as Canadas athlete of the year last year

  2. @DaanceTech He was a straight A student growing up. Everyone alway said his grades were excellent. Sure he didn’t go to harvard, but maybe if he hadn’t gone straight into the NHL as expected, he probably could’ve gone.

  3. @yourmom1511 I read this, paused for a second, chuckled once, then just suddenly started dying. I was literally on the floor a second ago.

  4. haha one of my best friends hates snoop but absolutely LOVES sid, so of course im going to have fun with this

  5. @DaanceTech dude I’m from Canada too; not everyone is shy, I’ll agree about the polite part though. Anyways everyone knows that Sid is nerdy, he was as a kid and still is…I’m not saying it’s a bad thing…

  6. I never thought that was even possible! Lol. Has Sid met Mrs. Hilary Duff? He plays with her husband, I have met her. Such a nice lady 🙂

  7. ok at 0:23 or 0:24 does Sidney Crosby actually say “hey, you dope?” if so than LAUGH.MY.FUCKING.ASS.OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! I mean I heard that Crosby’s a bit nerdy and awkward, but wow that’s HILARIOUS!

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