A poor play by Buffalo on the kickoff results in a Jets touchdown! The Buffalo Bills take on the New York Jets on New Year’s Day during Week 17 of the 2016 NFL season.

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  1. I didn't know thry could recover it in the end zone for a TD unless a player from tbe team they were kicking it to touched it

  2. Indisputable proof of time travel. This wasn't a bad play… Gillislee came back from the 2018 season and thought it was a touchback

  3. I love the look on the ref's face. It was like they saw something they always wanted to see but never ever thought they would see it.

  4. Can someone tell me how this is a touchdown??? He clearly didn’t touch the ball and I’ve seen a kickoff land in the end zone numerous times and the ref blow it dead.

  5. The Bills have come a long way since this infamous play. It's great we are finally contenders.

  6. There was a play today where the ball bounced into the end zone on a kickoff with no one touching it (as seen here) but it was called a touchback. Am I missing something??

  7. 3 greatest NFL mysteries:

    1. Who did the Immaculate reception deflect off of
    2. Why didn't the Seahawks run the ball
    3. WHAT ARE THE BILLS DOING????????????????????????

  8. "The play-by-play account seems to be at a complete loss. It makes the kicker, Nick Folk, look like some kind of god. 'Nick Folk kicks off 65 yards, touchdown.' He's just out there kicking touchdowns."

    -Jon Bois, 11/13/17

  9. What would be the call if the Bills player kicked it out of the back of the endzone? Safety, touchback, touchdown, penalty?

  10. Always made fun of them cause of this but as of today my falcons fall under this category🤦‍♂️

  11. Steelers RB Barry Foster did this as a rookie in San Francisco 1990. Let a kickoff go by him like a punt, 49ers recover and score a td afterwards to blow open what was a close game.

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