Birdie Buffer Review

Spring cleaning isn’t only for the house, your sticks need it big time. The Birdie Buffer golf club cleaning kit will help keep your set ready to play all year long. Fenton, MI based Birdie Buffer has developed cleaning kits for golf clubs that are made in the USA that is eco-friendly and nonabrasive.

They sent us a kit that includes: 

  • Club Wash
  • Shaft Wax
  • Grip Restore
  • Premium Golf Brush with Groove Pick
  • Super Absorbent Microfiber Towel
  • Durable Drawstring Pouch

‘You Got Mud on Your Club Face’

Don’t be a ‘disgrace’ clean your clubface with Birdie Buffer’s Club Wash. Simply spray the club with the club wash and scrub with the nylon side, included, brush and wipe it off. If you have some nasty clay stuck deep in the grooves the brush has steel bristles one side for extra cleaning power and if that doesn’t get it the metal pick that will do the job.

Make More Birdies Clean your Grips

If you haven’t priced a set of replacement golf grips lately trust me, you want to get the most out of the set you have. One of the easiest and least expensive things any golfer can do to save shots is take care of the part of the golf club that connects you to the golf club, the grips.

Birdie Buffer’s Grip Restore does just that it restores the tackiness of the grip. The grip restore, I believe, works far better than the typical soap and water grip cleaning.  I will be for going my annual grip change and use Birdie Buffer for the spring, after which I will update this review. I have all confidence, after cleaning my grips with Birdie Buffer, that my grips will perform well.

As Birdie Buffer says, #SHINEYOURSHAFT

Golf shaft wax is really a thing and not many players know it is. First off, why wax a golf shaft? Right? Graphite shafts have paint and labels up and down them using shaft wax, like Birdie Buffer, will help protect the finish from UV rays and dirt as well as have your shafts looking good.  Steel shafts need care also and this stuff makes the look like new. I ever waxed my wife’s shafts and she loved it as much as I did.

The Wicked Cool Brush

The brush that is included with the kit is serious with one side nylon and the other side steel with a deep cleaning spike for getting down deep in the grooves. The bush is attached to a retractable lanyard and a carabiner. You can keep the club wash in your golf bag, clip the brush on the side and keep your stick clean and at top performance throughout each round of golf.

The Bottom Line

Keeping you golf clubs clean is a must and with Birdie Buffer you go OCD on them after every round you play. I like and I believe it is excellent product that you should try.