We competed against kids to prepare us for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Watch the women’s gymnastics individual all-around final featuring Simone Biles tonight in primetime at 8pm ET on NBC!

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Hammer Blow
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East Street
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Be Afraid
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Hot Sauce
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Blame It On Rio (Instrumental)
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  1. I don’t think a 11 year old can be a black belt right? Don’t you have to also be a certain age?

  2. So scripted LOL I don’t think there is a martial arts that a child could beat an average adult lol

  3. i am a junior blackbelt in taekwondo but ngl the “blackbelt” girl’s kick isn’t in the proper form.

  4. the fight is faked you can clearly see the black belt is completely holding back she is intentionally missing and is even trying to slow herself down i wouldnt be surprised if they asked her to hold back so she does kill the white belts but come on

  5. Y’all complaining that it’s fake. You should have seen that when “Buzzfeed” is in the title

  6. Those might be the most fake fights I have ever seen in my entire life. Who let this happen?

  7. I have been doing martial arts for the past 11 years now I am a black belt AND THIS IS THE MOST STAGED THINK I HAVE EVER SEEN

  8. Dude her instructor looks like he can’t do half of the movements his beer gut would prevent all of this

  9. Frankly belt or side don’t matter, I’ve beat people my own belt when I was 12 and the opponent was 30 and bigger than me, what matters experience and skillfulness.

  10. In my style, if you don’t have the physical capacity to hold a strong fighter adult back, you can’t be a black belt. You truly are not on the same level as an adult black belt. And don’t deserve to have the same belt

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