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We all make little blunders at work, and usually, it’s not that big of a deal. But for those who read and report the news, the public nature of their screw-ups can not only result in widespread internet mockery, it can sometimes earn them a pink slip, as fans of Anchorman know all too well. It doesn’t just happen in the movies, though. Here’s a look at some bloopers that got these real-life reporters fired…

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Pensive performance | 0:30
How do you measure success? | 1:10
When in Rome… | 1:44
Celebrating an assassin | 2:25
Farewell, foul mouth | 3:11

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  1. I remember when the movie NETWORK came out. It was a long time ago, but everyone was sticking their heads out the window and yelling, I'M MAD AS HELL AND IM NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE. really.

  2. Wow an achor praises an assassin but keeps the job and somone slips or mispoke and gets fired

  3. I remember back in the 70s a local reporter didn'i realize they had come back from a commercial. she was apparently talking to someone and told them"You're full of shit." She aplogized the next day.

  4. President Xi ended a three-day visit to India on Friday, where he signed Xii deals to boost trade and economic ties. 🤣

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  6. So I guess Lou Dobbs should be fired and forced to pay restitution for lying on air? No? Just Tom Brokaw? K.

  7. In Broadcasting School, I was taught that the on-air booth was sacred. You don't say anything in there you wouldn't say in church!

  8. Wow! A woman gets fired for staring at her pen. While another woman is REINSTATED after celebrating an assassination, and compiling a hit list on air. Despicable!

  9. Skip to 1.34, play for ten seconds and that is the clip…. the other three minutes is waste.

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