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Don’t be fooled by the New England Patriots’ free agency splurge over the last two days — their chances of returning to the NFL playoffs in the post-Tom Brady era remain contingent upon them finding the right quarterback.

The answer doesn’t appear to be veteran Cam Newton. Although he recently re-signed with New England on a one-year deal, the 31-year-old threw more interceptions (10) than touchdowns (8) in 15 games last season, and his QBR of 47.0 was the second-lowest mark of his career, when counting complete seasons played.

To make matters worse, backup quarterback Jarrett Stidham — the Patriots’ fourth round draft pick in 2019 — has yet to start a single game under center, and it remains unclear if he ever will.

This confusion surrounding Stidham’s future has left Patriots fan and 98.5 The Sports Hub host Jim Murray baffled and frustrated with the franchise.

“This is the tipping point for me, because I bought this crock, too,” Murray told The DA Show on Tuesday. “I, going into last season, was told Stidham. I’d been told it’s Stidham. There was one report from The Athletic that said that Jarrett Stidham was the best-looking rookie quarterback [the Patriots] had ever seen in training camp. Now, this is going back a couple years. I don’t blame the reporter — this is what they’re being told from the team. So I, like others, bought this. It’s going to be Stidham, it’s going to be Stidham, it’s going to be Stidham. Last second, they sign Cam Newton. It’s not Cam Newton, Cam Newton sucks, Stidham can’t see the field. They buried him, they don’t like him — what was it? It was a crock.

“So, now I can’t help it. I’m pessimistic by nature anyway. But I can’t take anything seriously that’s coming from the Patriots’ media cartel, what they’re being fed from the team, because this Stidham thing was the biggest lie of all over the last two years.”

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