Brian Campbell joins CBS Sports HQ to talk about the passing of boxing legend Marvin Hagler


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  1. RIP. he took his final jab. Shame on these people and their Age of Aquarius agenda 21 depopulation vaccine.

  2. Very tough for me. I was also born in 1954, and Marvin Hagler (along with Evander Holyfield) was my favorite fighter to watch and root for. A true warrior, for whom winning meant a lot more than just putting on a good show. Tyson Fury has some of that as well. Hagler was among the greatest ever, regardless of weight class. And shame on those who spread this BS about the vaccine. You are doing Vladimir Putin’s bidding. Your behavior is irresponsible and reckless. These vaccines, whether they are effective and to what extent, have not been shown to have killed anyone. If you have proof, show us!

  3. So long marvelous.. marvin…,may God rest your soul.he was a fighter’s fighter.watching him early 80s in Nigeria TV,… my and my brothers called him ‘ika alagbari’ which means the wicked skin head man.God rest your soul.

  4. RIP Marvellous Marvin Hagler who died shortly after taking the Covid Vaccine. During his boxing career this was probably one of the least celebrated of our most fearless warriors whose boxing exploits dwarfs most of our current crop of elite middleweights……Nuff Said

  5. This comment section has become an echo chamber for idiots. Correlation does not equal causation. Take however long you need to determine the safety of this vaccine, but by not taking it, you’re putting the lives of other people and their loved ones at risk. It’s undeniably selfish.

  6. *MSM is trying to cover up this vaccine death,* just like with Hank Aaron. In Aaron’s case, the MSM even went so far as to make up a coroner statement, saying Aaron didn’t die from the vaccine. But then RFK Jr. got the coroner to officially say that they made no such statement to the media, and never even saw Aaron’s body! RFK was subsequently deplatformed, of course.

  7. Marvin Hagler was the best middle weight fighter of all time. RIP. Don’t 100% know if the vaccine killed him but it looks that way sadly… If your reading this go exercise, eat healthy, and don’t get the poison vaccine injected into you.

  8. It could have been a draw. But they decided to give it to SRL. What bs!!!!
    Marvellous was the greatest!!!

  9. A great boxer. A legend. We call all deaths within 28 days of a positive covid test a covid death. Hagler dead 12 days after the covid vaccine. A vaccine death.

  10. Is no doubt that Marvin Hagler was the best 160 pound champ of all times.
    The fight with sugar Ray Leonard . Was a joke Hagler won that fight

  11. Notice the liars in the media doesn’t say the cause of death. After the second vaccine shot, he’s dead. Go figure.

  12. Hagler’s wife is in extreme denial, and would rather support the Chemical Injection industry and their new COVAIDS push, than to face the possibility that she allowed her husband to take an unnecessary and harmful Chemical Injection that led to his death. She’d rather, in ignorance, push this onto everyone else using her husband’s fame as a springboard, rather than use it as an opportunity to lead a charge against the real cause of her husband’s death. That’s insanity.

  13. Here why he died 💉💉💉💉💉
    31,079 Reports Through March 5, 2021*
    jump to browse reports 
    Total Heart Attacks
    Total Miscarriages
    Total Severe Allergic Reaction
    Total Thrombocytopenia
    * VAERS HHS releases COVID Data weekly, but they release LAST WEEK’S data. So an update will always lag a week behind. When launched, OpenVAERS used the Download date. We have switched to the “data through” date provided by VAERS.
    Has Not been updated since Jan 11,2021 
    Look like they stopped adding deaths and side effects 
    The OpenVAERS Project allows browsing and searching of the reports without the need to compose an advanced search (this can be done at
    10,242 DEATHS
    80,627 Hospitalizations
    31,079 COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports
    31 YEARS AS OF JAN. 11, 2021

  14. Tommy Hearns had posted on his IG that Marvin needed everyone’s prayers as he is “fighting the after effects of a vaccine jab in an ICU”. Marvin died a few days later

  15. He died from the vaccine the media know this, they just trying to cover it up and say he died from natural causes.

  16. Media silent about all the vaccine deaths/adverse effects. Hundreds of thousands or more have already succumbed to it

  17. The fact that he died unexpectedly and as of now they still haven’t officially announced the cause of death has me to believe that it’s likely suicide. I could be wrong, but it sadly makes sense. So bummed out right now…

  18. He must’ve gotten the vaccine in europe . The one they are getting over there has caused blood clots in some people and has been taken out of commission . There is a clown in this comment post who called it a China Virus vaccine . I guess this guy is a Trump disciple amazing how people can say things and copy a man so dumb . Stop with the crazy people because innocent people are dying .

  19. Talk about Gangsta,
    Everyone is Gangsta ,
    Everyone is a Beast,
    Until Marvin Hagler ran up in your face.
    He tamed beasts and send shivers down his opponents spines.

  20. There is life insurance money at stake. Is an insurance company going to pay out if it’s proven that abtechnically experimental vaccine was the cause of death? No. It is experimental and its use has been authorised for emergency purposes only. This surely must void any insurance claim if somebody dies as a result of taking the experimental vaccine.So it makes sense for his wife and family to deny he died as a result of the vaccine. They need or want the money.

  21. The vaccine did not kill him. It was the side-effects to the vaccine. See, it’s all good. No need to fear the vaccine……

  22. MSM is trying to hide that he died right after getting the vaccine… Notice how they say nothing about it or cause of his death…

  23. The guy was perfectly healthy. All of a sudden, he has difficulty breathing. He goes to the hospital and bingo, he’s dead. Something isn’t right here, folks!

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