The captain of Brazil’s 1970 FIFA World Cup team, Carlos Alberto, remembers the brilliant Selecao side of Pele, Tostao and Jairzinho as they won famous matches against England, Peru and Italy in the amazing Final, which culminated with his legendary goal.

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  1. it’s amazing that i see a lot of north american and english people making fun of brazil, but they don’t remember that their selection is garbage close to the only penta

  2. *Group C:*

    *Brazil vs Czechoslovakia 4-1 (1st Game)*
    0-1 Ladislav Petráš (11 min)
    1-1 Roberto Rivelino (24 min)
    2-1 Pelé (59 min)
    3-1 Jairzinho (61 min)
    4-1 Jairzinho (81 min)

    *Brazil vs England 1-0 (2nd Game)*
    1-0 Jairzinho (59 min)

    *Brazil vs Romania 3-2 (3rd Game)*
    1-0 Pelé (19 min)
    2-0 Jairzinho (22 min)
    2-1 Florea Dumitrache (34 min)
    3-1 Pelé (67 min)
    3-2 Emerich Dembrovszki (83 min)



    *Brazil vs Peru 4-2 (4th Game)*
    1-0 Roberto Rivelino (11 min)
    2-0 Tostão (15 min)
    2-1 Alberto Gallardo (28 min)
    3-1 Tostão (52 min)
    3-2 Teofilo Cubillas (69 min)
    4-2 Jairzinho (75 min)


    *Brazil vs Uruguay 3-1 (5th Game)*
    0-1 Luis Cubilla (19 min)
    1-1 Clodoaldo (44 min)
    2-1 Jairzinho (76 min)
    3-1 Roberto Rivelino (89 min)


    *Brazil vs Italy 4-1 (6th Game)*
    1-0 Pelé (18 min)
    1-1 Roberto Boninsegna (37 min)
    2-1 Gérson (66 min)
    3-1 Jairzinho (71 min)
    4-1 Carlos Alberto (87 min)

    *Brazils Goalscorers:*
    Jairzinho: *7 Goals*
    Pelé: *4 Goals*
    Roberto Rivelino: *3 Goals*
    Tostão: *2 Goals*
    Carlos Alberto: *1 Goal*
    Clodoaldo: *1 Goal*
    Gerson: *1 Goal*

  3. I’m Argentinian, but I recognise that Brazil’s fourth goal against Italy in the final is the best goal of all the World Cups, even better than Maradona’s second against England in Mexico 86. And that Brazilian team, the most beautiful and spectacular thing that football has ever given us.

  4. Brazil 1982 were probably more beautiful. But they didn’t win because they were tactically naive against Italy.

  5. Everyone calls Brazil’s National Team “Seleção” and brazilians call all others national teams “Seleção” as well. Because a national team is a “selection” of the top players of that country, so we brazilians say “seleção alemã (german selection), seleção francesa, seleção italiana” etc…
    But to refer to our own team we just say “the selection”, and it is totally understandable to every brazilian.

  6. The players of 1970 Brazil would put any of the top clubs players to shame who millions in salary and endorsements

  7. Who was the lovely brunette lady – the cameraman liked so much? O yes, 1970 Brazil so Special…

  8. if you’re only going to score one goal for your country, you might as well make it the best of all time.
    RIP Carlos

  9. if all of the best brasilian players lived in the same time and formed a team, it would be unbeatable, change my mind.

  10. Question, we all can agree Pele was the best player on that team. So, who was the second best player?

  11. Brazil. Even though I’m English I love watching Brazil. Ayrton Senna too, what a driver he was. Fantastic.

  12. I was only ten and still in primary school when Brazil won the World Cup for the third time at the Azteca Stadium in the 1970 World Cup finals in Mexico.
    England were the Cup holders then but Sir Alf Ramsey’s team were ousted by West Germany 3-2 in extra time at Leon in a dramatic quarter final.
    But it was Brazil with Pele,Tostao,Gerson,Clodoaldo,Rivelino and Jairzinho were a revelation with their sambal football.
    They won all their six matches scoring 19 goals in six matches.Jairzinho scored in every round the only player to achieve that for a World Cup winning team.
    It was vintage football all the way for Brazil in Mexico which included a 4-1 hammering of Italy in the final.Thus,the Jules Rimet trophy was all for Brazil to keep forever.
    It is now half a century since Brazil won the 1970 World Cup in Mexico.
    So let us recall the Brazil XI that had triumphed in Mexico:Felix,Carlos Alberto,Brito,Piazza,Everaldo,Gerson,Clodoaldo,Rivelino,Jairzinho,Tostao,Pele.

  13. The Jalisco Stadium in Guadalajara, with 55,000 spectators. The second home of Brazilian National Team.

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