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Master chess calculation

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Today I have for you one of the super-cool and brilliant chess puzzles ever! This puzzle is really difficult. I’m not sure even if the world champion Magnus Carlsen would be able to solve it – if you ever meet him, ask him to try it out. 😊

brilliant chess puzzle ever

White to play

We can see that the white king is vulnerable on the h6-square and that the black king is somewhat exposed as well. Black has a huge material advantage as he is an exchange up and has two extra pawns. But, in a crazy position like this, the material advantage cannot be the most decisive factor.

Because there are so many hanging pieces and the kings are in danger, you know that you have to do something that is really forcing to stay in the game.

And calculating a forced variation in such a position is a super difficult task. But, can you give a try? After calculating all possible variations, watch the video below:

You can find the PGN of this puzzle below:

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