British Girl Reacts To NFL FAILS

Should i do more American Football?







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  1. Really good video! Can you react to DOA by I prevail ft Joyner Lucas? The song has a really good message and it’s probably one of the craziest music videos I’ve seen I was shocked.

  2. I wouldn’t worry about not understanding NFL, in a global sense it is a minority sport played in one country, not worth worrying about.

  3. “The kick is no good!” – I watched that game because one of the teams was mine (Seahawks). The temperature was like around 5F and Seahawks won 10-9 vs Vikings… Vikings missed like 3-4 of those field goals. It was overall a bad game for both sides, but partly due to the cold air.

  4. I’m an American and I don’t even like football 🏈. If you are interested in delving into NFL stuff you should react to hard hits in NFL.

  5. It’s alright that you don’t have any idea, it’s a fails video. A great percentage of the players on the field during these fails had no idea either, that’s why they’re fails.

  6. Most start with here comes the boom NFL biggest hits then graduate to best catches,best jukes , very impressive stuff.

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