… the Boston Bruins mount a thrilling comeback at the end of Game 7 in the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals vs the Toronto Maple Leafs and win 5-4 in OT on a …


  1. Greatest game by far ive ever been to !!!! The building was shaking when that last overtime goal was scored ……. Talk about an exciting adrenaline filled night !!! I was exhausted on the drive back with cuzzo !!!!

  2. i watch this video every other day to give myself the will to live. patrice bergeron is a god amongst men

  3. garbage leafs losing as usual 🙂 this guy saying that the leafs were young and will only improve with time (excuses) made me laugh even more, garbage leafs forever 🙂

  4. Every time I watch this I think of how many penalties the Bruins should have had. Some things never change.

  5. I'm a Caps fan, but I watch this every now and then to remind myself anything can happen in hockey. It's why I love the sport.

  6. Watching them comeback from 4-1, tieing the game, and winning it in OT…this was an unbelievable game. Jack Edwards call after Bergeron GW goal was chilling.

    "Bergeron Scores!!! Patrice Bergeron!!! With the point of the dagger in their throats, they rip it out of Torontos hands…and kill the beast!!! The Boston Bruins have won it after being 3 down in the 3rd"

  7. Bruins Fan from Interstates 93 & 495 Now living in Toronto, I was the ONLY person in the packed bar celebrating! Fine By Me.

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