Led by Stephen Curry’s 32 PTS, 5 REB and 6 AST, the Golden State Warriors defeated the Chicago Bulls, 116-102. Andrew Wiggins added 21 PTS, 5 AST and 2 STL for the Warriors, while Nikola Vucevic led the Bulls with 21 PTS, 9 REB and 6 AST.

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  1. I know they lost but I think its safe to say the Bulls were the winners of the trade deadline.

  2. Wiggings and Wiseman high pick and roll is gonna do a lot of damage.. double threat and add Curry in the wing ready to catch and shoot… and imagine when Klay is back…

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  5. Wiggins and Draymond look hella good out there. Glad Steph is back…if Wisemen continues to improve. This is definitely a playoff contender

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  7. Good game team! And I’m happy kept Oubre, hopefully they’ll keep hom as a starter so he doesn’t leave. He and Wiseman are good editions with great potential. Do it up fellas.

  8. I still cant believe we have doncic, hes already doing a good job managing everyone on the floor

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  10. Curry dropped around 29 points
    this game against Chicago. I was
    very surprised to see Draymond actually
    knocking down those long distance 3’s.
    When the Warriors play hard, and Wiggins
    has a good shooting night it really helps.
    Outstanding job by the young guys too.
    Wiseman is big time, Oubre had double
    figures, and Lee with Poole watch out.

  11. Wiseman needs to work on his D. Pump fakes get him all the time.

    Draymonds 3’s are ugly af but they do count

  12. why in world would u trade kelly ouber. SMH mans was actually playing good, im a gsw warriors fan but NETS for 2021 champs

  13. I like James Wiseman but it’s almost like he doesn’t know how to play using his 7 foot body but he’ll get it eventually

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