Raw clips from BYU Football Quarterback Zach Wilson at the 2021 BYU NFL Pro Day. #BYUFootball #GoCougs


  1. 6 foot nothin 200 and nothin caveat emptor this kid was in a qb competition b4 season cupcake schedule looks like a qb but wait till he faces Pro D

  2. This kid already said where he wants to go 4 months ago, welcome to the Bay son. Already got weapons for ya😂🤣

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  4. If he goes to the jets he’s throwing to Cory Davis an Jamison crowder with no run game . Good luck

  5. Why hasn’t anyone told him to get his throws up. Throws need to be simulated to height of linemen. The comparison to the KC qb because of a side throw? Really.
    I like him more to a Drew Brees type. Not big, not too small, with small hands and a command of the offense.
    Needs the right coaching in the nfl….and the jets is not it.

  6. He takes too long to set his feet when he changes reads, although he’s pretty impressive rolling left and throwing cross his body. That’s a hard throw to generate any torque

  7. Zack Wilson Is the second quarterback off the board for sure. Justin fields is athletic with a good arm but he has the most flaws in his game like bad decision making when facing adversity and staring down his reads. The championship game showed some of his flaws when he had to try to make plays without wide open people but zack Wilson throws his recievers open and throws with anticipation to recievers that arnt NFL talents like ohio state, Clemson and Alabama have.

  8. Now that 49ers have the 3rd pick it’s looking more like we might have a chance to get you buddy hope we do 🤞

  9. ah man ah man that boy is something else we all have never seen these type of throws like that his throws are totally deadly his feet is insane his skill totally crazy he throws like Mahomes he moves like a mobile QB he a lot high flyer Mobile like Aaron Rogers this is a young man who became the youngest QB to star for BYU at age 19 he had something special if the Jets or 49ers draft this kid right here one of those teams are gonna do some damage he brought something to the table both Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, Zach Wilson along Mack Jones and Trey Lance those are your deadly 2021 QB draft class right freaking there

  10. Throws a really nice ball. Don’t know much about this kid so far but I wish him the best. So hard to know who’s really going to be able to make it at the next level. Anyway, always nice to see potential for another great quarterback in the league. This kid will make millions in endorsements as well.

  11. If I HAD to critique something it would be to tighten up the spiral on the ball. Other than that, excellent.

  12. Jets would be fools if they don’t draft him pure arm talent studies football 24/7. Watch Lawrence ends up being a bust

  13. Wherever he ends up, I hope they make use of his skills and feed his hunger to learn more and get even better.

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