Cam Newton Has A Public Service Announcement For Rest Of NFL “Y’all Never Seen This Cam Before”
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  1. Wow this aged well in 6 games he is 2TD and 7INT with a game losing fumble yeah people have seen this cam, and it’s why the Panther dumped your ass

  2. I’m sure some of the d riders that got on me when I told the truth in one of these other videos are in this one and maybe will see so let take the time to enjoy the fact that I was %100 right.this dude is trash.. pure garbage.he never was a nfl qb…not for one second,not for one snap.his mechanics are absolute trash,he throws with all arm and no body.thats why he blew his shoulder out trying to muscle the ball rather then use torque from you hips,they teach you that in junior high football,but seeing how this crybaby and his dad acted with his college recruitment he was probaly never allowed to be coached on how to play the position.he can read defenses some what but he is soft here’s another truth that’s going to get everyone but hurt.if cam newton was white he would of been out of the league years ago,the only reason Carolina hung on to him that long is because they were afraid of the media backlash for cutting a black qb .that has now been put to bed when he was given the greatest franchise and coaching staff ever and has absolutely choked.every qb that has taking snaps in new England has been successful except for him….he never was a nfl qb so we can take these videos down now.put it to rest sorry scam newton has left the building

  3. Ah you think darkness is your ally?
    You merely adopted the dark.
    I was born in it,
    molded by it.
    I didn’t see the light until I was already a man,
    by then it was nothing to me but blinding!

  4. Crybaby Bitch. Id Take Tim Tebow over you any Day. You got kicked out of Florida for being a Thief, and your a Prima Donna ruining an entire Franchise. Your 100% the Reason 1/2 the fans wont be watching.

  5. Was hoping you’d come to Dallas but none the less, I’m pulling for you and hope you do the DAPP again this year.

  6. We’ll see Cam. I hope you’re in top shape and stay that way. That way, there will be no real, bona fide excuses…but no matter what happens, the brothers will find an excuse(s) for you Cam.

    One reason TB was so successful in NE was his ability to read defenses, find the open man and complete the pass. That is not your strong suit Cam, not even close.

  7. I just hope his supporting cast helps him out they way they took care of Brady.. Especially that O line

  8. Just show it on the field and stop talking so much. Everybody wants you to win a superbowl but you need to show it on the field. You did choke against Denver’s Broncos. So when you win the big game cool it and humble yourself.A humble man always win .

  9. He proved himself when he was too much of a PUSSY to jump on that fumble in the super bowl with the game on the line! Too much of a premadonna to risk hurting himself

  10. All talk til it’s shown on the field. But good luck young man. Just remember the team around you also helps CAM succeed.

  11. Play. You had 2 to 3 good years. You talked shit before the super bowl and shit yourself. I want to see you do well. I like humble people. You haven’t done anything ground breaking so focus about on field performance because everyone talks very few DO

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