Domonique Foxworth, Tim Hasselbeck and Louis Riddick react to New England Patriots QB Cam Newton saying he felt “disrespected” after multiple NFL teams passed on the opportunity to sign him.
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  1. That’s silly, jobs are tied to performance. There is no such thing as loyalty in business. I understand if you have a personal code, but don’t assume other people abide by your ethics.

  2. Why should you feel disrespected Cam? Look at it this way. They wasn’t even worthy of you in the first place bruh!! Do you! You’ll find what chu lookin for!👌🏾✊🏽

  3. People are tired of this guys antics, his girly clothing and his overall attention to the game….if it were the old Cam I would want him all day every day but this new look, new act etc….not impressed

  4. Cam, use your skills and not your big mouth. Everything you do on the field and off the field is on you.
    Show us that you still have it, excellent the expectations and you be just fine.

  5. I think Cam was disrespected by the refs. some of the contact they allowed on him was a disgrace. He’s got a strong personality and a big ego but a fantastic athlete. I wish him well

  6. I was rejected by the Chargers, Colts and Cowboys after a 6 year career in the league. Life goes on after retirement. Get over yourself Cam🍸

  7. Disrespected how? Coming back of an injury, I would want to see you play before I commit money to you. Shut up and play. A lot of NFL players lose sense of reality. Dak Prescott is a good example. The Cowboys are willing to pay him $110 million dollars to play football and lose and the moron thinks is not enough. Dude you havent been in the Super Bowl. You havent won any MVP (both which Cam did). You are playing for a losing team that just fired the coach. You dont even have hall of fame stats And you pass on $110 million? That money should be used to find the cure for COVID and not paying these “disrespected” players.

  8. the greats dont talk, they just play and do great things. Cam is talking too much. For someone who hasnt done anything in 5 years

  9. He needs to keep his head down and get some wok done because he sort of picked a team with high standards.

    “Hoodie don’t play, Joker”……

  10. On no, I feel your “pain.” Must be almost as bad as say, the guy who has to go into his grocery stocking job and risk his life to feed and shelter his family, at a fairly meager wage. Boo. Hoo.

  11. Cam should not let them use him any different than when Tom was there. Cam is not a freaking running back! He’s a Q u a r t e r Back! How dare anyone talk about using him as a running back! Why! Cause be black and big and can run! Do they say that about Rogers or Wentz, or the dude used to be Qb on colts!? TF! These people never learn do they! Didn’t we just went through this racist BS with Lamar!? So FK….N racist!

  12. Cam was played, but not the way he wanted to be. He was amongst the chosen ones that the establishment gets together by design and manipulates into being desperate to get crumbs, after previously commanding top dollars. It’s a game designed to keep certain asleep players blind and insecure about their true worth.

  13. Pats are the only team that might be able to handle the Prima Donaish of Cam! Plus foot injuries are tough to get through. Also his few last interviews last year he looked like he was done with football. Zilch passion about the game during the interviews! Can’t think of another team that may be able to handle him Plus a great risk-reward price!

  14. Must’ve been a reason why several teams didn’t sign you earlier right? Well Cam, you better ball TF out if you want people to STFU. Good luck to you in NE.

  15. He didn’t try and recover the fumble, who would want someone like that leading their team? I’d want someone that is going to dive into a pile to recover a fumble, quarterback or not.

  16. Bro everyone passed on you because in your first and only super bowl you had a chance to tie the game if you recovered and DOVE for your fumbles..

  17. Reality is, cam has a CANNON that’s inaccurate. He cannot consistently throw the ball accurately. I wouldn’t be shocked if this season doesn’t go well for him. Just saying!

  18. He IS disrespected.
    You don’t make fashion your first priority in the NFL and win respect.
    You don’t blame others on your team multiple times and win respect.
    You don’t leave a press conference crying like a child after a loss that was attributed to your poor play and get respect.
    No, Cam, we DON’T respect you. We respect TRUBISKY more than you, because Trubisky is a grown man, whatever his faults as a QB might be.

  19. Cam’s problem is he has always been a “me” player and not a “team” player. I’ve seen Cam be happy when his team lost, as long as he had a good day. I’ve also seen Cam be miserable when his team won, because he had a poor day.

  20. Passed on an injury prone media circus that’s been bang average outside of 2015 and 8 games in 2018

  21. He was disrepected for good reason… He thought he was an elite QB. No one else in the NFL did. He was actually accurately respected… but from his delusional perspective, he was slighted.

  22. You did so much for the Panthers kmsl. I guess there basing there opinion on his past game play lol.

  23. He should be. Out of 32 teams ONE took him for 500k 😒 when healthy he Won the Heisman, led his team to a National Championship, was Rookie of the Year, led his 15-1 team to the Super Bowl and now HE IS HEALTHY! The patriots won this year 💪🏾

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